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Humanities Center

Welcome to the IE Humanities Center

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    Dean Arantza de Areilza outlines the importance of a liberal education

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    IE is a pioneer in the introduction of humanities as a core value and a core program in its business curriculum

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    Renowned English author Ian McEwan was the keynote speaker at the graduation of the Master in International Relations

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    Distinguished Historian Geoffroy Parker, in conversation with IE´s professor of Humanities, Rolf Strom-Olsen

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    Artist Eduardo Arroyo, the keynote speaker at IE Business School graduation ceremony

IE is one of the only institutions globally to include humanities core education as a mandatory part of all its degree programs. As such, part of our mandate is bring the humanities into a professional-degree environment.

We are responsible for coordinating all types of activities in the humanities across IE, from teaching programs, to fellowships, to community events. The humanities represents an integral part of the IE identity, and our students, regardless of their degree program, are all invited to participate in the wider dialogues that humanistic learning fosters and encourages. As such, we are deeply embedded across all aspects of academic life, in both the undergraduate and graduate programs, in and out of the classroom.

The IE Humanities Center is responsible for the development and implementation of the humanities curriculum program across IE. Through an extensive network of both internal and adjunct professors, we offer our community the opportunity to benefit from the broad multi-disciplinary depths represented by humanistic learning. At both the graduate and undergraduate level, we are responsible for the co-ordination of the mandatory core humanities program.


For IE undergraduate students, the faculty offers a core module for incoming students as well as an advanced seminar program for students from all years and across all faculties.

Seminars vary in content from year to year, including humanistic fields such as philosophy, history, linguistics, anthropology, geography, cultural theory and literature. Discussion-based and with small class sizes, the seminar program allows students to explore specific readings and ideas in depth.

Our goal is to equip IE's students with humanistic culture in order to gain a better understanding of today's world.


For IE graduate students, the School offers a number of courses that play either a complementary role to the students' main field of study or else are integrated within the program's core pedagogical design.

In many of the professional degree programs, students take the "World Awareness Seminar", taught by leading area specialists. The seminar examines different cultures that are increasingly critical to the modern professional environment, including China, Japan, Brazil, India, and the Muslim World. The focus of the seminar extends well-beyond merely superficial engagement to instead provide insights about how different ideas, history, legal traditions, sense of belonging, kinship structures, etc… inform cultural, and hence professional, perspectives.

For IE graduate students pursuing their MBA or International Management degree, the School offers a specially tailored program that is integrated within the larger managerial curriculum. "Creative Management Thinking" [sp: Nuevas formas de pensar] forms part of the program core and provides students the perspectives and toolsets informed by a humanities approach to confront the challenges of the modern business environment. Drawn from a multi-disciplinary knowledge base, including anthropology, sociology, history and critical theory, the course encourages students to push beyond the boundaries of what a business education means. This fusion of humanities methodology with business content is proving ground-breaking in bridging what has traditionally been a wide gulf between the humanities and professional education.


Alumnae Humanities Speakers Series. Monthly conferences run by leading personalities of the humanities world.

Advanced Seminars in the Humanities for Undergraduate Students. Extra-curricular courses of six sessions each, which can be taken in the second semester of each year, designed to advance students' of a highly specific topic. Students can choose year to year from any number of seminars that reflect the breadth of humanistic learning.

Presentación del libro “La era de las exploraciones” del profesor Lucena Giraldo

IE Humanities Center en colaboración con la Asociación de Antiguos Alumnos del IE tiene el honor de invitarle a la presentación del libro “La era de las exploraciones” el jueves 6 de Marzo a las 19.30h, impartida por D. Manuel Lucena Giraldo y D. Javier Moro.

D. Manuel Lucena Giraldo, autor de la obra, es profesor asociado de Humanidades en IE Business School, investigador del Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas y agregado de educación en la embajada de España ante la Republica de Colombia. D. Javier Moro es escritor, ensayista y viajero.

A finales del siglo XV Europa era todavía una pobre y superpoblada península de Asia. Para brillantes y milenarias civilizaciones como China o India, la reciente aparición de viajeros y comerciantes procedentes de aquel extremo del mundo constituyó, como mucho, una novedad extravagante. Tres siglos después, el fenómeno de interconexión global había alumbrado el capitalismo. La experiencia acumulada de viajeros y exploradores en todos los océanos convirtió la distancia en una quimera. Sociedades de consumo a nivel planetario incorporaron el consumo de especias clavo, pimienta, canela, tabaco y café. Este libro muestra de qué manera la apertura de nuevas rutas suscitada por curiosidad y ambición alumbró la civilización global de nuestro tiempo.

La conferencia se impartirá en el aula Magna del Instituto de Empresa situada en c/ Maria de Molina 11.

En caso de ser de su interés, ruego confirme su asistencia a HumanitiesCenter@ie.edu

The Team


  • Amirah-Fernández, Haizam
  • de Anca, Celia
  • Dennis, Amanda
  • Doyle, Vincent
  • El Khoury, Tamara
  • Fernández del Campo, Eva
  • Fisac, Taciana
  • Goy Yamamoto, Ana María
  • Herrero de Jáuregui, Miguel
  • Larrañaga, Miguel
  • Lucena Giraldo, Manuel
  • Luján, Eugenio
  • Martínez de Guereñu, Laura
  • McAnallen, Julia
  • Medina, Luis Fernando
  • Montaño, Julián
  • Moshfegh, David
  • Strom-Olsen, Rolf
  • Torres, Susana
  • Valdez, Sarah
  • Zarza, Clara