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Mateo Mollier

About me

My name is Mateo, and I’m from Paris. My mom is Spanish, and my dad is French, so I grew up in two different settings. Although I tend to make friends easily, I’m introverted in many ways, especially regarding my hobbies and spending time with friends. I value teamwork in academics and professional settings—I like to talk through different scenarios and solutions. I have always enjoyed reading in my free time because it helps me to relax and see the world from different points of view.

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Mateo Mollier | IE Law School

"I interned at a legal startup started by two IE University alumni. The experience allowed me to see the side of legal practice, which is seldom taught: the relationship with the clients."

Mateo Mollier

A practical program for a future in the legal world

Mateo Mollier was born in Paris to a Spanish mother and a French father. Throughout high school, he knew he would pursue either law or business, which brought him to explore the possibility of studying both in the Dual Degree in Business Administration + Laws. He found the perfect fit at IE University, which offered the program he was looking for and an international community.

Mateo was drawn to the experience offered by IE University for two main reasons: the opportunity to meet people from around the world and the chance to graduate with two qualifications. Mateo believes that IE University offers a different experience to everyone who attends, allowing each person to focus on their own goals. He has not only met some amazing people who helped shape who he is today, but he was also able to gain skills through hands-on learning approaches—something he is able to use in his professional challenges now he’s working.

Mateo Mollier | IE Law School

After an enriching experience, Mateo chose to deepen his legal knowledge through the Doble Máster en Abogacía y Procura + Asesoría Jurídica de Empresas Bilingüe (LL.M.) at IE Law School, where he had  the opportunity to participate in labs and internships that have helped him truly understand the ins and outs of the legal world. “After participating in the Social Impact Lab, I spent a summer working for LegoLex, a legal startup launched by two IE University alumni. The experience allowed me to see the other side of legal practice,” he tells us.

Mateo also worked for the International Arbitration Centre of Madrid (CIAM), which proved to be challenging on top of his moots and both final theses. However, he found a way to make it work and says it ultimately helped him “grow immensely.”

During his dual master's program, Mateo applied for various internships and went through multiple rounds of interviews. He received an offer from Uría Menéndez, which was an exciting opportunity, as the offer is not only for an internship, but the firm offers to hire you once you pass your legal entrance exam. He is currently there as a junior lawyer, working on a team that is part of the law firm's digital law and intangibles branch. His team’s specific focus is financial and business law—something he worked on a lot during his dual degree and his master's program.

Mateo’s day-to-day responsibilities include preparing the first drafts and researching additional legal information for a wide array of transactions, from financings and foreign direct investment authorizations to M&A consultations. He also is in contact with clients, notaries and other parties.

One thing about the IE Experience that stood out to Mateo was the guidance offered by IE Talent & Careers. Describing the department’s work as an “essential part” of the program, he found that the interview practice and resume tips helped him land his role—especially during a dual degree master’s program, where like-minded and academically excellent people are vying for the same positions. “IE Talent & Careers offered precise and personalized advice.”

More than the offerings from the IE Talent & Careers department, Mateo found that his experience was amplified through his participation in events including the Social Impact Lab, moot courts, seminars and other academic activities. He had what he calls “the honor” of participating in two international moot courts with incredible professors as mentors; one of whom was also his law degree thesis supervisor. Moot courts play a key role in building practical experience for students of the various programs at IE Law School, and Mateo notes that they helped him in his personal and professional growth.

Attending IE Law School was an excellent step for Mateo’s future in the legal world, and his parents whole-heartedly agree: “IE Law School focuses on fundamentals, as well as on areas of law, with a strong international component. Plus, the rankings speak for themselves.” The support from his parents along the way helped Mateo feel confident in his decision as well as his next steps.

As for future dual degree students, Mateo would advise that they focus on what’s important to them, but to also take risks and try new things, including both academic and extracurricular activities. “The main courses are your backbone, but the elective courses, exchanges, internships and extracurriculars are what will differentiate you from your peers,” he concludes.