Edtech Innovation

Building the future of education

Edtech innovation

Technology is changing the world, and top executives and educators must know how to use it to drive lasting success in their organizations and transform learning experiences. At IE, classrooms make use of next-generation technologies to create an enriching educational environment. Our immersive technological approach to learning will push you forward on your climb to the top.

Tool Kit

The defining attributes of the 21st century economy and the fourth industrial revolution are innovation, technology, globalization and rapid pace of change. Therefore, an organization’s capacity to enhance the capabilities of its workforce and create a culture of continuous learning increasingly vital to remaining competitive.

Virtual Reality: Perception and Senses (VR)

Often, the best way to learn is through visualization. IE Publishing’s Perceptions and Senses is an interactive, virtual reality multimedia simulation. Its aim is to help users understand how marketing affects consumer decisions as well as their perception of the product.

Gamification: Innovation Island

This interactive simulation helps prepare you for times of uncertainty. Innovation Island imitates a stressful situation that you have to navigate using critical thinking and applying leadership, collaboration and design-thinking skills.

Interactive Cases – Ikea: Global Brand Communication

Interactive case studies enable learners to see how a brand like IKEA interacts with consumers on a global scale. Users are able to see how the nuances of each market can drive a different local strategy, and how brands can provide a unique value proposition.

IE Rockets – An Open, In-house Innovation Program for EdTech Startups

The IE ROCKETS initiative will help you develop the capacity of your startup within the higher education sector. To take part, your startup must have one product that works, and you must have traction and revenue before applying. The application period for the next intake opens in May 2020.

Wow room

The way you learn should reflect today’s technological realities. In the WOW Room, you will catapult your professional skills while capitalizing on an engaging, immersive learning environment. The WOW Room shows our commitment to giving you the tools you need to drive innovation in the marketplace

Today students have an extensive and highly accessible range of resources at their disposal, some of which are free of charge - but the thing that really adds value to online learning is a high level of interaction with other students and with faculty.

Martin Boehm

Dean of IE Business School

The WOW Room brings the future of learning forward. Technology is revolutionizing our lives and we are moving in the direction it is taking us.

Diego del Alcázar Benjumea

Executive Vice President at IE

It’s a unique experience that enables professors to analyze students’ reactions. And just as importantly, the WOW Room permits academics to bring their passion to teaching, which plays a key role in the learning process.

Jolanta Galonowska

Director of Learning Innovation at IE