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    Katja Schipperheijn. Author, Keynote speaker and Consultant by Profession.

    Katja Schipperheijn is an internationally recognised learning strategist, consultant, author and keynote speaker on learning and engagement in the connected world. Her expertise focuses on the symbiosis of people and technology to achieve sustainable growth based on learning and well-being.

    With more than 15 years of experience as a consultant at multinational companies, learning institutions and start-ups, she started the non-for-profit organisation sCooledu in 2017 with which she has already welcomed more than 15,000 children in her workshops on digital citizenship. In addition, she visited more than 200 schools and 1,200 vocational teachers.

    Since lifelong learning is her driving force, she holds a Master’s degree in Economics, an Executive MBA from AMS and recently added Digital Learning Strategies and Algorithmic Business Thinking from MITSloan, in addition to several certificates in training and coaching.

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    Stefaan van Hooydonk. CEO Global Curiosity Institute

    Stefaan van Hooydonk researches the topic of workplace curiosity in companies. He believes that curious individuals need curious environments to thrive and that especially in times of turmoil individuals and companies need to embrace intentional curiosity. With the help of a number of diagnostics he designed, he creates insights on what drives and what enables (or prevents) individuals and organisations to show up curiously.

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    Laureen Rwatirera. Chief Learning Officer at ASML

    Laureen Rwatirera passion is driving the design and delivery of learning & development solutions and programs For over 18 years, she has worked in various industries, producing L&D platforms, frameworks, and blended learning approaches for companies around the world.

  • No L&D is an Island: Creating Alignment to Drive Shared Vision


    _Emily Ricci. L&D Director at Robinhood. Former responsible of Americas Operations Learning and Development team at Apple._

    The session focuses on a key challenge learning leaders repeatedly face: Aligning and managing stakeholders while simultaneously keeping learner needs central to design. We'll discuss how to get to a broad range of perspectives, think about them empathetically, and build method and process outside of our core functional responsibilities, all with a goal of designing learning interventions that create meaningful impact.

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    Powerful L&D tools in turbulent times

    Dr. Nick van Dam and Jan Rijken, former Chief Learning Officer at KPMG, Daimler, and ABN Amro

    Nick van Dam host a dialogue with Jan Rijken on powerful L&D tools to enhance learning along these challenging times. Jan Rijken is a globally recognized thought leader, boardroom advisor, author, and speaker on corporate learning innovation. His current role at Wiley focuses on strategic client advisory, L&D research, and building an empowered L&D community. He is the former Chief Learning Officer at KPMG, Daimler, and ABN Amro, with 30 years of experience in areas of expertise that include corporate learning strategy, governance, data analytics, digital learning, and leadership development.

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    Mrs. Inger Buus, Group Leadership Talent Officer at Capgemini

    Inger has dedicated her career to enabling leaders to be the best they can be for their teams, clients, businesses, ecosystems, and communities. She is responsible for setting and implementing the group strategy and framework to identify and develop leadership talent across the company. Prior to Capgemini, she developed her career at JPMorgan Chase, Royal Dutch Shell and Mannaz.

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    Celia Berenguer, Chief Learning officer at Sanofi.

    Celia is responsible for transforming learning to develop the capabilities required for today and future and enhancing the learning experience to realise colleagues’ potential. She is passionate about people as a key source of differentiation and competitive advantage. She has also most recently become interested in how technology and digital solutions can support individual development at scale, allowing and respecting unique and diverse personal growth.

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    Teri Hart, Author, Hardwired to Learn and Founder of Chakra 7

    We have recently discovered that we ALL have an undeniable and inexhaustible ability to learn, well into old age. But how are we, as L&D practitioners, disrupting our own mindsets to unleash a wave of learning? In this session, you will get a “dipping” of some basic economic concepts to inform how we are thinking about our investments in both artificial intelligence (AI) and Human intelligence (HI). Hart will explore how we can leverage what we are discovering about learning to shift our own mindsets and pave the way for paradigm shift in how we think about HI in the face of AI. You will learn strategies for setting your own learning practice as well as begin to fine-tune your own organizations to be places where people continually develop.

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    Kelly Palmer, Chief Learning & Talent Officer

    Kelly Palmer is on a mission to change the way the world learns and builds skills. A well-known thought leader on learning, business, and career development, she is currently on the executive team of Degreed as the chief learning/talent officer and was formerly the chief learning officer of LinkedIn.

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    Stefaan van Hooydonk, Founder of Global Curiosity Institute

    Workplace Curiosity is becoming a hot topic in senior teams. It is the power that kickstarts new companies and makes individuals, teams and organisations thrive. It is the power that keeps these companies, leaders and individuals strive to challenge themselves and the status-quo, to learn, to discover and to explore. Why is it then that sometimes individuals, teams and organizations are not playing to their full potential? Why is it that leaders welcome curiosity, yet create hurdles in their organizations to prevent curiosity from happening? What is the role of leaders, HR and L&D in creating the right curious culture and climate? In an interactive session, Stefaan will share his experience, research and best practices on what workplace curiosity is all about and how we can embrace it as a force for good.

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    Nuno Gonçalves , Global Head of Strategic Capabilities Building for Mars

    Nuno is a senior HR leader who is at the forefront of envisioning and driving Business / HR led transformations. He is an early pioneer in the move towards continuous transformation as a new reality. He is currently working on understanding the critical capabilities for the future and that the business strategy is fully aligned with the Mars University.

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    Andrew Lax, Global Head of Learning and Development at ING

    Andrew Lax is a lifelong learner and a seasoned learning and development executive who is passionate about making a transformational difference. His fundamental approach towards learning focuses on striving to create value to businesses by helping them solve business problems aligned with the strategic agenda. Andrew will share with you some of the key building blocks that aid to help drive business performance.

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    Prof. Dr. Nick van Dam, IE Chief Learning Officer, Chair IE Center for Corporate Learning Innovation, Chair IE University Center for Liquid Learning

    The future of work, the acceleration of digitization, as well as new generations in the workforce require different kind of leaders. For years organizations have been invested time and money in improving the capabilities of managers and on nurturing new leaders. Almost every organization has identified leadership development as a key priority. However, only a limited number of executives think that their companies develop leaders effectively. In this session, Dr. Nick van Dam will address ‘why most leadership development programs fail’ and what L&D can do to turn this around.

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    James Fulton Chief Learning Officer and Global Head of Talent Development at Goldman Sachs

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    Return on ambition – A radical approach to your achievement, growth, and well-being

    Nicolai Chen Nielsen Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company, Leadership Development, Culture Change, and Agile Transformations. Co-author of Leadership at Scale & Nicolai Tillisch Co-founder of Deliberate Development and associated with Cultivating Leadership, the global coaching firm. Former executive with DDB Worldwide, Hutchison and Nokia Siemens Networks

    Along the session a few questions will be raised: How do you increase the speed and probability of success — given your ambitions? How do you live an enjoyable and fulfilling life? Most ambitious people strive in at least one of these regards. The webinar’s goal is to offer a holistic and practical model for thriving with both success and fulfillment.

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    Leading positive change: insights from cognitive neuroscience and positive psychology

    Enjoy our previous webinars at your best convenience! Click on the links below to keep learning

    Recent research from the fields of cognitive neuroscience and positive psychology have increased our understanding of the leadership style and capabilities that are aligned with how the brain really works. We will leverage these insights to understand the leadership approach that is optimistic, compassionate, agile, engaging, and capable of formulating a shared, meaningful purpose. Major corporations embedding these practices (Google, Apple, Zappos) are experiencing great success. When these concepts are integrated into how leaders organize, manage, motivate, and reward work, there are positive economic, organizational, and individual outcomes. We will also examine how to build leaders and leadership at every level in the enterprise.

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    Hyper-learning: human excellence in the digital age

    Enjoy our previous webinars at your best convenience! Click on the links below to keep learning

    Ed Hess is Professor of Business Administration, Batten Fellow, and Batten Executive in Residence at the Darden Graduate School of Business. His two most recent books are: Humility Is the New Smart: Rethinking Human Excellence in the Smart Machine Age (Berrett-Koehler, 2017) and Hyper-Learning: How to Adapt to the Speed of Change (Berrett-Koehler, 2020).

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    The future way of work is here

    Dean Davey Associate Partner in People Advisory Services at EY

    Dean is an Associate Partner in People Advisory Services at EY. He leads the Workforce Advisory Division in Belgium which focuses on assisting clients with HR Transformation, Leadership and Culture, Learning & Change Management, and Workforce Planning. Dean has assisted many organizations in their Business Transformation Journeys by providing Transformation and Change Management support. He has also assisted many HR functions to transform in high performing functions. Dean has a strong finance background which enables him to understand both the business and people issues in a transformation program. He is qualified as a chartered accountant, lawyer and adult learning expert.

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    Learning and development strategy at Novartis

    Simon Brown. Chief Learning Officer at Novartis

    Simon Brown will share how NOVARTIS is “going big on learning”. On their business strategy learning is essential to succeed and create the critical business capabilities that allow them to stay on the forefront of innovation. Join the webinar and final Q&A to find out how he and his team are fostering an environment where continuous learning, developing curious minds and a desire to learn are encouraged across 108,000 employees in the pharmaceutical and healthcare field.

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    Building authentic confidence in the workplace

    Building authentic confidence in the workplace

    Along the session and final Q&A, Dr. Brassey will develop insights and practical solutions to advance Authentic Confidence in the workplace. Essential skills that should be integrated into every university- and leadership program that is serious about the world of tomorrow!

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    The L&D profession: new competencies for a new reality

    Elliott Masie. CEO and Founder of Masie Productions

    The L&D profession is changing. We have noticed that many L&D professionals find hardly time to invest in their own development. What are new competencies for L&D and any advice on what they need to do to stay relevant? Elliott Masie is credited as one of the first analysts to coin the term “e-Learning” in the 1990’s and has been on the edge of digital learning innovations for the past 30 years. Learning via technology has soared and evolved – touching over 1.8 billion workers and students during this Pandemic! He is the Chair of The Learning CONSORTIUM, a coalition of over 125 global corporations, cooperating on the evolution of learning strategies, including Amazon, American Express, GE, McDonald’s, Ericson and Fidelity Investments. Join this opportunity to learn and discuss with Elliott, an essential leader innovator in the world of workplace learning and technology.

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    Elena Barybkina. Director for Boston Consulting Group's Center for Client Learning and Enablement (CCLE)

    Elena Barybkina will share best practices followed by CCLE, BCG Global Center of Excellence, dedicated to accelerating the performance of individuals, teams, and organizations through comprehensive capability building programs. As part of her mission, she has established a network of enablement centers within BCG (pricing, leadership, change management, lean); developed a suite of learning and enablement methodologies, tools, and solutions; and created proprietary online BCG courses on agile, pricing, change, org design, and digital transformation. Get ready for the final Q&A section where you’ll be able to discuss with Elena and Nick van Dam about BCG’s approach to Corporate Learning.

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    Bob Mosher. Senior Partner, CEO, and the Chief Learning Evangelist, at APPLY Synergies.

    Everything is moving into the workflow. Arguably, though, learning has always been there – it’s just that now we can actually support it fully. Workflow learning has emerged as a powerful discipline that helps learners learn while actually doing their jobs. This isn’t a redo of ‘job aids’. This is embedded, contextual, real time learning, often while a learner doesn’t even know they're doing it. For many in L&D this is a huge mind-set and instructional leap, but when done correctly it can transform the impact of our deliverables in amazing ways. Let’s get together to qualify and quantify this powerful new discipline.

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    Katie Coates & Nick van Dam will co-deliver this session on one of the most essential topics in L&D since Covid-19 outbreak: Converting F2F Leadership programs into high quality virtual initiatives.

    68 % of Chief Learning Officers from leading global companies that we surveyed at the IE Center for Corporate Learning and Human Resources expect that leaders will attend virtual leadership development programs in the months to come. In these turbulent times provide leaders with tools to react in the short, mid and long term proves to be essential. In order to do so, we need to keep in mind that converting F2F programs is not about just digitizing existing in-person sessions. To be able to design and implement high quality virtual leadership programs Katie and Nick will address some of the most important challenges as: lack of methodology together with technology and expertise needs. Along the session they will provide attendants with a 6 guiding principles model to successfully adapt traditional in-person leadership programs into these high quality virtual leadership initiatives. The session will be completed by a Q&A experience allowing the audience to pose their questions to both experts.

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    Tim Munden. Chief Learning Officer at Unilever

    The session will focus on how organisational and individual purpose are nurtured in Unilever, and how they work together to meet the needs of their people, their business and society. A topic that, especially in challenging times, is becoming increasingly debated in businesses, and in personal development.

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    Developing digital transformation leaders: a case of Sberbank Corporate University

    Igor Baranov. Vice Dean, Education and Research, Sberbank Corporate University

    Approach to corporate learning for managers at Sberbank. Why do we need a mix of professional, soft, digital and cognitive skills? How can corporate learning support a strategy of moving from a traditional bank to a digital ecosystem?

    Flagship programmes for digital transformation leaders – how to design and deliver an immersive, project-based, skills-oriented programme for executives: key challenges and insights from experience.

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    Developing vital leaders in a VUCA world: an evidence-based approach

    Dr. Noémie Le Pertel: Academic Director at IE, Adjunct Professor at Columbia University, Founder of Empowered Wellness & Center for Positive Leadership

    This webinar applies multidisciplinary research from fields including neuroscience, psychology, learning, and medicine to explore how the Vitality framework developed by Dr. Noémie Le Pertel & Dr. Nick van Dam, can inform leader behaviors for health, wellbeing, and happiness. Learn evidence-based strategies to protect against burnout and scale wellbeing in organizations.

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    Building an integrated L&D ecosystem: lessons learned from Mckinsey’s learning transformation

    Matthew Smith. Chief Learning Officer at McKinsey

    In this webinar, McKinsey’s Chief Learning Officer, Matt Smith, will share lessons learned from the firm’s transformation of their learning & development function over the last several years. Topics will include how to integrate learning with broader development processes, best practices on combining traditional learning with more modern and blended methods, and how McKinsey is addressing the increasing pace of change in capability requirements through the use of agile and multidisciplinary teams.

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    Using psychometrics for leadership development in a global professional services firm

    Daljit Singh, Director of Leadership Development with Baker McKenzie

    This session will share how global law firm Baker McKenzie uses psychometrics for leadership development. This will include how its shapes its leadership development initiatives, partners with external vendors, and measures impact. Daljit Singh is Director of Leadership Development with Baker McKenzie. Prior to that, he held senior positions across HR and L&D with KPMG. He has over 30 years of experience in leadership development and holds Masters degrees in Economics, Education and Human Resources.

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    Learning how to learn: powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects

    Barbara Oakley, instructor of Learning How to Learn (University of California-San Diego – Coursera)

    Barbara Oakley, is the instructor of Learning How to Learn, one of the world’s largest student massive open online course, with nearly 3 million students. In this presentation, she delves deep into the brain to present practically useful information about how you can more easily master new and difficult material.

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    The future of learning @deloitte (University)

    Karel G.W. Massop, Director and innovation initiative leader for Deloitte University EMEA

    Deloitte has to deal with rapid changes on all levels. Driven by accelerating connectivity, new talent models, and cognitive tools, work is changing and learning is changing. Today’s environment demands continuous learning and a growth mind-set from all practitioners across Deloitte to prepare for the Future of Work. So where are we coming from and even more important where are we going? Deloitte University is in the Centre of the learning eco-system and drives for upgrading of learning to be ready for the future. So how does Deloitte make the moves to become an even more High Impact Learning Organization for all its learners?

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    Developing leaders for the 21st century

    Joel Casse, Global Head Leadership Development, CoE NOKIA

    We live in a fast-paced world, where work is increasingly knowledge-based, the workforce is multi-generational, well educated, informed and has different expectations. Leaders need to let go of the traditional command, control and directive approach to succeed... Or do they? Is it so simple? What are the hurdles to overcome? This presentation will take the audience on the journey that Nokia has been on to change its leadership approach. It will discuss what worked, what didn’t and where we find ourselves now.

  • How Google’s culture supports learning & innovation

    Lisa R. Kaufman, Senior Global Learning & Development Manager at Google

    In Lisa Kaufman’s webinar, she discussed how Google fosters a culture of learning and innovation in the workplace. Beyond Google’s free food and ping pong tables, do you know about Google’s research on great managers, or the science and data behind building effective teams? Check out the re:Work with Google site to learn more about what drives Google’s culture, and gain access to tools and inspiration from Silicon Valley that you can implement to make work better.

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    Ahold Delhaize: defining work in the future

    Nicholas Brassey, CHRO Ahold Delhaize Europe and Indonesia. Advisory Board Member of the International Masterclass L&D Leadership.

    At Ahold Delhaize we strive to be a better place to work for our associates, and that requires continuous reinvention. New talent profiles will be needed, new professional capabilities must be developed, and the existing workforce needs to be prepared & empowered for radical transitions. Keen to learn more? Join us in this webinar!

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    Dr. Noémie Le Pertel, Dr. Nick van Dam and Johanna Dekkers

    This webinar explores how forces like accelerated change in the digital age impact wellbeing at work. We will analyse strategies for wellbeing and highlight examples of initiatives in various companies such as our case study: Vitality at Nationale Nederlanden. Webinar organized by ICEDR.org.

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    Dr. Nick van Dam and Tonya Corley from McKinsey

    In this webinar, Dr Nick van Dam and Tonya Corley (McKinsey & Co) discuss how to enable your technology in order to bring digital learning to life. Webinar organized by ICEDR.org.

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    Dr. Nick van Dam and Dr. Els van der Helm

    In this session, Nick van Dam and Els van der Helm discuss the important topic of sleep (or lack thereof). If you would like to download their article on the organizational costs of insufficient sleep, click here. Webinar organized by ICEDR.org.