In a world that is constantly evolving, a lifelong learning mindset is key to driving success that lasts.

These publications are tools for your daily professional life, providing solutions to struggles that many organizations face. With these insights, you’ll fine-tune your leadership abilities and improve your organization’s performance. Additionally, you will dive into the psychology of personal confidence and its implications for business leaders.


The world is constantly changing, and demands for new skill-sets in the workplace are springing up like never before. From the need to incorporate top-of-the-line digitization to enhancing corporate training strategies, and improving employees’ mindsets, it is clear that developing a lifelong learning culture is crucial to creating lasting personal and professional success.

As you make your way through these articles, you will gain critical insights for personal and professional growth which you can use to propel your organization through the 21st century.

IE’s Center for Corporate Learning and Talent Management will provide the essential, cutting-edge tools you need to stay on the front line of an increasingly demanding and competitive world.


These books embrace the relationship between psychology and organizational development, which can be incredibly useful for executives when finding ways to lead their companies. Not only do these books cover this relationship, but also discuss how an employee’s mindset is key in the evolution of an organization’s culture and overall framework. Learn more about these findings to discover how they can aid you in your professional endeavors.