• Our Pillars IE is committed to helping students realize their entrepreneurial potential. The spirit of enterprise sets us apart from the rest, defining who we are as an institution of higher learning.


Entrepreneurial approach

We're dedicated to cultivating creativity and inspiring innovation. Our spirit of enterprise is reflected in our students: in their work ethic, in their disruptive leadership and in their drive to keep achieving.

At IE, we pride ourselves on our ability to champion new ways of thinking. Through training and resources we cultivate an environment where students can unleash their creativity, push boundaries and venture into the unknown. We encourage new ideas. We encourage new thinking. We encourage success.


The four pillars of IE are wrapped up in our commitment to community. To our community of students, who help cultivate our entrepreneurial spirit. To our community of instructors, who help maintain a standard of intensive academic rigour.  To our community of alumni, who continue our vision of innovation even after stepping off campus. And of course, to the community at large, where we strive to take a humanist approach to make the world a better place.

Entrepreneurial Mindset  

Our school is a hotbed of innovation and inspiration. We encourage our students to commit to growing a thriving ecosystem, whether in an intrapreneurial or entrepreneurial system. We guide them as they sow the seeds and work to see the fruits in their projects and start-ups.

We drive innovation


We take pride in our diversity. At IE, we see the variety of cultures, nationalities and perspectives that represent us as a source of inspiration and limitless possibilities. Our students and staff are made up of over 160 nationalities, giving IE community a truly global scope.

A global community

Tech & Innovation

Technological innovation is an integral part of today's business world. We prepare our students to face these new realities by putting them in contact with the latest technology. This exposure emboldens future leaders, providing them with the tools they need to face the challenges of digital transformation.  

We love challenges


A humanist approach to education prepares our students for the world we live in. They are taught to use this perspective to tackle the challenges we face in society, preparing them to understand the dynamic, multifaceted nature of societal issues.

Dynamic perspectives


Learn more about our programs for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Venture Capital Program

Our Venture Capital Program provides insights into the critical elements involved in the venture capital deal cycle. Students hone their analytical and decision-making skills, such as identifying opportunities, negotiation strategies and valuation, while learning how to apply these to a real-world context. The program explores every stage of the deal-making process, from structuring techniques and portfolio management to exit strategies, to help students understand how to navigate these situations.

Family Business 4.0

In Family Business 4.0, participants reflect upon and redefine their company’s business models through a critical analysis of their current management systems. During this program, you will obtain a thorough understanding of the complex relationships within family businesses, providing you with an opportunity to rethink how you approach your own organization.

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