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Allison Rohe is the Deputy Director of Venture Lab, IE’s startup accelerator and in this capacity she is also the Director of Area 31, IE's Entrepreneurship & Innovation Hub. She is also the Director of the Venture Networks, weekly pitch and networking events held every Thursday in Area 31 at 7pm. At these events, a panel of investors, entrepreneurs and/or professors listen to and offer feedback on pitches from early-stage startups. Allison is also professor of entrepreneurship at IE Business School and at IE Law School, where she is a coach in Business Innovation in the Global Executive MBA and professor of Entrepreneurial Mindset in the Master in Law program, respectively.

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case2Deputy Director, Venture Lab Accelerator

Deputy Director, Venture Lab

Allison Rohe

Alongside Paris de l’Etraz (Managing Director of Venture Lab) and Carmen Corrais (Venture Lab Assistant), Allison is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of all Venture Lab events and activities. In addition to the weekly Venture Networks, Allison manages the Venture Days held in Madrid, which are the culmination of the two annual Venture Lab cycles. The Venture Days in Madrid are IE’s demo days in which Venture Lab teams and alumni startups compete before a panel of investors. Allison also teaches the Entrepreneurial Mindset course in masters programs.

Contact Allison if:

You’re an IE student or alumni and:

  • You have an idea for a scalable business that you’d like to develop in Venture Lab
  • You’ve founded a start-up in the past two years and you’d like to apply to compete in one of our Venture Days, or pitch in a Venture Network session
  • You’ve founded your own startup, are looking for investment opportunities and would like us to help you find investors
  • You’re an entrepreneur and would like to keep us informed on your start-up’s trajectory
  • You’d like to volunteer as a mentor to our teams and/or collaborate in some way with Venture Lab or other IE entrepreneurship programs.

You aren’t (necessarily) an IE student or alumni:

  • You’re looking to invest in start-ups and you’d like to know more about what our aspiring entrepreneur are up to
  • You’re an investor in start-ups and you’d like to be on the panel of investors during one of our Venture Networks or Venture Days
  • You’re an entrepreneur, you’ve founded a start-up in the past two years and you’d like to pitch at a Venture Network session
  • You’re an entrepreneur with experience founding at least one start-up and you’d like to  provide one or two of our Venture Lab teams specialised guidance/mentoring on the start-up creation process as an Entrepreneur in Residence.


Allison Rohe has had a variety of professional experiences both in her native New York and in Europe, which  highlight her diverse interests alongside her well-developed skills in communications and strategy. She has held multiple positions in a variety of fields such as  corporate law, political analysis & lobbying, humanitarian action, higher education administration and teaching. Moreover, she worked for years as a freelance consultant to SMEs and solopreneurs with regard to communications, digital technologies and innovative business models. She also co-founded a non-profit women’s association, and she founded a consultancy dedicated to intercultural development. Allison has been a mentor to start-ups and women solopreneurs since 2011, and since 2013 she occasionally invests in early-stage start-ups.


Spanish and English


Bachelor of Arts; Smith College (Massachusetts, USA)

Graduate Degree in International Communications; Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Master in Corporate Social Responsibility; Universidad de Alcalá (Madrid)

Graduate Certificate in Instructional Systems Technology; Indiana University-Bloomington

Master in Education (Instructional Systems Technology); candidate at Indiana University-Bloomington