Tsutsumi Takashi

Founder and Managing Partner at Learning Entrepreneur's Lab

Takashi is founding managing partner of Learning Entreprenur’s Lab, which is a process oriented incubator in Japan for both entrepreneurs in startups and intra-preneurs in enterprises, leveraging a standardized incubation process, Lean Launchpad invented by Steve Blank, to build a new business successfully.

Prior to that, he has been venture capitalist for last 15 years at VC arm in the largest insurance company in Japan, MSIVC, and at Silicon Valley based VC, Worldview Technology Partners. He invested into technology startups broadly from internet and mobile, device and equipment, cleantech, including now successful public companies such as Refinverse, INSPEC, Metaps, Nagaoka, Digital Media Professional.  He earned BSEE from Tokyo University of Science and MBA from McGill University.