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Apply for IE’s next Venture Lab!

vlab-logoWe are now accepting applications for Venture Lab. If you are an IE student or alumnus/a with an idea for a scalable business, then apply to IE’s Venture Lab! Venture Lab is IE’s startup program, which provides training, mentorship and resources to help teams of 2-4 people go from idea to a validated, launch-ready business! 

Venture Lab (for all non-IMBA students and alumni)

Venture Lab is open to all students and graduates in degree-seeking programs (undergraduate and graduate) from any and all of IE’s schools (IE Business, HST, Law, University, Architecture, International Relations, etc.).  Venture Lab is an exclusive program, which requires an application as only selected teams are invited to join. It is a program that requires a high level of commitment, perserverence and self-discipline as you must hold yourself accountable (no credits are offered for non-IMBA students). Please click here to download the pdf of the requirements, terms and FAQs. And the online application (for non-IMBA students) can be accessed here.

Rolling Applications will now be accepted to Venture Lab (for non-IMBA students)!

Applications to Venture Lab will now be accepted on a rolling basis from all IE students (who are not in the IMBA program and eligible to take Venture Lab for elective credit). Applications will now be admitted on a rolling basis over the course of the academic year; for those teams interested in joining Venture Lab in time to participate for the next Venture Day (Nov 29th, 2018), we strongly suggest you apply no later than September 9, 2018.

Venture Lab (only for IMBA, Jan ’18 intake students)

If you are an IMBA student from the Jan. 2018 intake, you are eligible to apply to Venture Lab and it would count as one of your electives. IMBA students accepted into Venture Lab are eligible to choose to do a Business Plan, based on their Venture Lab project, as their Final Integrative Exercise to complete their degree. If you are interested in applying to Venture Lab as an IMBA elective, then you must complete an application by the end of the day on Sunday,  July 15th, 2018. Please click here to download the pdf of the requirements, terms and FAQs. And the online application can be accessed here.

If you have any questions, please write to entrepreneurship@ie.edu

Venture Lab Online Ecosystem: ALL STUDENTS

Register to join Venture Lab’s online platform where you can stay informed of updates about Venture Lab activities and relevant activities in Area 31. On this platform you must sign up with your ie.edu email address (student or alumni) and you can post your professional profile and/or startup idea. In doing so, you can search across IE to identify and meet potential team members. Perhaps you have an idea but no team; or maybe you don’t have an idea yet but are eager to form part of a team – then this is where you want to be! Allison Rohe, Deputy Director of Venture Lab, is also on that platform and posts updates and information and you can contact here there (or via her email too). Sign up here to join the online Venture Lab ecosystem. We are very proud to use Eqosis for this platform, which is a startup devised and created by two IMBA alumni during Venture Lab recently.