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Venture Day Madrid – Nov. 29th

vdaymadrid_imageThursday, November 29th is IE’s flagship and largest entrepreneurship event, the culmination of its Venture Lab program and a celebration for all of IE’s entrepreneurial spirit and mission to foster an entrepreneurial mindset.

All are welcome to join us at the Auditorium of the Rafael del Pino Foundation in Madrid on Calle Rafael Calvo 39. We will open the doors at 3pm and will have music from the marvelous band, Track Dogs, and at 3:45pm we will begin our afternoon of excitment!

Our Venture Day kicks off with a Fireside Chat at 4pm with our Keynote Speaker, Asher Siddiqui, who is currently a Partner at 500 Startups, a leading, global Silicon Valley based early stage venture capital firm and seed accelerator.

We will have a panel discussion on the explosive new and emerging market of eSports! The panel, The Future of the Digital Sport Business, will highlight industry experts including Marc Williams, CEO of Katapult; eSports startup, MadLions, founded by IE alumnus – Jorge Schnura- and IE professor –Marcos Eguillor- who are both serial entrepreneurs and now disrupting this industry; and Fernando Delgado of La Liga, and Ander Pérez of Telefónica/Movistar. Before and after the panel, we will have elevator pitches from our runner-up teams.

Finally, at 6pm Venture Day’s Finalist Competition will begin! We will have 12 finalists, which were announced on Nov 20th after an arduous week of semifinal pitches from teams of IE students and alumni!

You may register here to attend.

The Venture Day Madrid’s website is here.


3:00pm   REGISTRATION Music from the band, “Track Dogs”
3:45pm   WELCOME Vicente J. Montes Gan – Director, Fundación Rafael del Pino
Juan José Güemes – Chairman, IE Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation






Asher Siddiqui, Partner and part of the global leadership team at 500 Startups with Meredith Hayward, IMBA/Master Big Data Dual Degree Candidate July 2019

4:25pm   RUNNER-UP TEAMS 1-Minute Pitches from the Runner-Ups

1.       Barmixta (IMBA, Knowledge Incubator)

2.       Omey (MIM, Venture Lab)

3.       Surplus Energy Sharing (Alumni, Venture Lab)

4.       EscapeGamePass (Alumni, Venture Lab)

5.       Makinaria (IMBA, Venture Lab)


4:30pm Meet MadLions Jorge Schnura, Chairman, MadLions





1-Minute Elevator Pitches from the Runner-Ups

1.       De Origen (MIM, Venture Lab)

2.       Hello English Kids (MIM, Venture Lab)

3.       MasParking (IMBA, Knowledge Incubator)

4.       Detox in a Box (MIM, Venture Lab)

5.       Nvite (IMBA, Knowledge Incubator)

6.       Inventio (IMBA, Knowledge Incubator)


4:45pm   PANEL:






The Future of the Digital Sport Industry

Marc Diaz Williams, CEO Katapult

Jorge Schnura, Chairman MadLions
Francisco Delgado, La Liga
Ander Pérez, Telefónica/Movistar

5:15pm RUNNER-UP TEAMS 1-Minute Elevator Pitches from the Runner-Ups

1.       Vital (IMBA, Knowledge Incubator)

2.       Vivinium (MIM, Venture Lab)

3.       Receta.me (IMBA, Venture Lab)

4.       Koozina (IMBA, Knowledge Incubator)

5.       GoodBack (IMBA, Venture Lab)

6.       Circles (IMBA, Venture Lab)

5:55pm    VENTURE LAB WELCOME Paris de l’Etraz – MD Venture Lab, IE Business School
6:00pm   VENTURE DAY FINALISTS 5-Minute Pitches from Finalists


1.       Cattlewit (IMBA, Knowledge Incubator)

2.       Stratera (MIM, Venture Lab)     

3.       Manara (IMBA, Venture Lab)

4.       W-Project (MIM Alumni, Venture Lab)

5.       CleanMotion (MIM, Venture Lab)

6.       Fundi (IMBA, Venture Lab)

7.       Flxyble (IMBA, Venture Lab)

8.       Cargalo (IMBA, Venture Lab)

9.       Offside Track (IMBA, Venture Lab)

10.   DonBuri (IMBA, Knowledge Incubator)

11.   Barley(IMBA, Knowledge Incubator)

12.   MCap (IMBA, Venture Lab)


Allison Rohe
Deputy Director, IE Venture Lab






Rachida Justo, Ph.D.
Academic Chair, Entrepreneurship Department



Beatriz del Río, Seaya Ventures

Bernhard Schmidt, Belerofonte Capital

Borja Breña Lajas, Nauta Capital

Daniele Calzolari, Bolsa Social

Dario Villena, SwanLaab

Eduardo Sánchez Vázquez, ICEX

Elie Abi-Lahoud, Accenture

Eduardo Ortega, Toushka Capital

Guillermo Ramos, abcVC Ventures

Jaime Vazquez, Demium Startups

Francisco Javier González, Caixa Capital Risc

Javier Martinez de Irujo, Axon Partners Group

Jeffrey Akin, Red Clay Ventures

Jordi Vidal, Kibo Ventures

Jorge Montes del Pino, Montes y Asociados Consulting

José Ignacio Carrión, Faraday Venture Partners

José Luis Sastre, Meetel

María Echávarri Toda, JME Venture Capital

Nicolás Campo, SociosInversores

Olivier Shleifer, Sprim

Rodolfo Carpintier, Digital Assets

Suzanna Chiu, Amadeus Ventures