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Diego Soro

About me

Diego Soro has a degree in telecommunications engineering from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Barcelona and an executive MBA from IE Business School. He has been working as a technological consultant in both small and large companies, such as Accenture.


Diego works a technological consultant in both small and large companies, like Accenture. He is also a serial entrepreneur and the co-founder of several successful companies, such as Exente, Loweb and SecondPlay.

Since 2006, Diego has focused his efforts on SorosGabinete, a consultant company that helps tech companies get access to public funding programs.

He has managed over €200 million in his career, working on numerous projects and supporting aspiring entrepreneurs at their seed stages. Diego’s recent ventures include Fundera.eu, which aims to democratize access to public funding and Tender.com, a platform of tenders.