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Fernando Becerra Farelo

About me

Fernando is the co-founding partner of Business Booster and Sinensis Seed Capital SCR, a seed fund and tech start-up accelerator. He has invested in 60 start-ups in Spain and Latin America.

SSW Early Fund

Currently, Fernando is the managing director at SSW Early Fund where he is invests in over 65 emerging markets. He also screens a wide range of business models and sectors including Fintech, Asurtech, SAAS, marketplaces, machine learning and collaborative models.

Observing a lack of digital expertise in today’s workforce, Fernando decided to launch Startup Academy, an innovative educational program where the student learns by exploring methodologies present in digital companies.

He is passionate about nurturing talent and holds a high standard of business ethics. He thrives in challenging, uncertain environments.

Fernando’s specialties include entrepreneurship, digital and agile methodologies, as well as investing in and advising internet start-ups.