Enrique Cortes

Top management strategic advisor and president of the Instituto para el Liderazgo Estratégico de España.
Professor of entrepreneurship and strategy at IE Business School.
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Conchita Galdón

IE University's social innovation director
Academic Lead/MPA/ID, Harvard Kennedy School
Co-founder of the Social Venture Puentes Global
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Rogelio Velasco

Professor at IE Business School
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Andrew Peter Wallace MacCarthy

Adjunct Professor at IE Business School.
Designer, creator, innovator.
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Ignacio Larrú

Adjunct professor of entrepreneurship and big data at IE Business School
Analytics consultant
Vice President of Credit Agricole CIB
Founder of Ll Ventures
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Iñaki Arrola

Professor at IE Business School
CEO of coches.com
Business angel
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Joaquín Espallargas

Professor at IE Business School and the University of Lyon.
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Newton Monteiro Campos

Director and lead researcher at GVcepe Private Equity and Venture Capital Research Center, São Paulo, Brazil.
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Pedro Corrales

Founding partner of Ipetrusformacion, Openvet, Abrescco, Blackbook, SBLife and Cantina Canalla.
Responsible for the development of new business models at Heineken.
IEBS professor.
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Israr Qureshi

Professor of Entrepreneurship
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Rachida Justo

Professor of Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurship, IE Business School, 2006-present.
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