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Daniel Soriano

About me

Daniel is Director of the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center, Academic Director of the specialized entrepreneurship module and Professor of entrepreneurship at IE Business School.

Director of the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center; Academic Director of the Specialized Entrepreneurship Module; Professor of Entrepreneurship, IE Business School; Professor & Mentor of Corporate Innovation Projects for the Financial Times & IE Business School corporate learning alliance; Investment Committee Member for a micro-venture capital instrument at Caixa Capital


IE Business School, Financial Times, Caixa Capital

Daniel is a professor and mentor of corporate innovation projects in multinationals with the Financial Times & IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance. He sits on an investment committee for a micro venture capital instrument at Caixa Capital Risc.

With over 15 years of professional experience at IE Business School, Daniel is constantly in touch with the entrepreneurial process at the academic and real-world level.

He is trained in design thinking and lean start-up methodologies. Daniel is also a pitch coach for start-ups for international investor forums. As director of several leader competitions for innovative technology start-ups, he works with experience-based entrepreneurial opportunity identification, feasibility analysis and fundraising.

He has also been responsible for managing professional advisory services to new technology-based companies where he was able to identify the needs of newly established firms with a high technological component.

On the academic level, Daniel is a professor of entrepreneurial management at IE Business School. He teaches in MBA programs as well as specific programs for technology-based entrepreneurs, aimed at both start-ups and SMEs with growth projects. He mentors intrapreneurship projects in large firms from different countries and sectors, such as banking, energy, distribution, construction, IT, pharma and retail.

Professor Soriano has an MBA from IE Business School, as well as a master’s in economics and innovation management from UPM, UCM y UAM. He also studied computer science at UPM. He participated in the European Entrepreneurship Colloquium organized by European Forum for Entrepreneurship Research (EFER).

His interests are focused on start-ups, innovative business models and strategic planning in sectors with high growth potential.