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Alberto Benbunan

About me

At the age of 18, Alberto founded several start-ups in Latin America. These included Ticketron Venezuela; a phone and internet based ticket-selling company, Webtron; an internet project developing site, Promotron; an events and promotions organizational company and tucupon.com; an on-and-offline discount coupon website.

Co-founder and managing director, Mobile Dreams Factory, co-founder and chairman, DelSuper and Gelt.


Mobile Dreams Factor / DelSuper and Gelt

After moving to Europe, Alberto worked in the business development department at Excem Technologies, before taking on a new role as the international business development manager at Spain’s most read newspaper, Marca’s Newspaper.

In 2004, he founded Mobile Dreams Factory, one of Europe’s leading mobile marketing and advertising agencies.

According to MMA Global, they are one of the most-awarded mobile marketing companies in the world, having received various international awards such as the MMA Awards, Cannes Lions, Eurobest, El Sol, etc. They now function as a mobile consultancy firm. Since 2012, Alberto has founded a number of companies in the digital and retail sectors, and in 2015 he sold his eCommerce company Moviplans to Grupo Dia. He has been teaching at IE Business School since 2008, mentoring in different incubators and accelerators, functioning as an angel investor and also participating in many different non-profit organizations in Europe and Israel.