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Amir Tarighpeyma Shirkhani

About me

Amir is an entrepreneur and specialist in education management and healthcare.  He received his medical degree from Madrid Complutense University in 1994. 

CEO and founder, Traceway


Amir Tarighpeyma Shirkhani


Amir Tarighpeyma Shirkhani



In 1997, Amir completed his PhD specializing in Alzheimer’s disease.

In 1999, he got an MBA in health and hospital management. He has worked as the COO, head of sales and marketing director EMEA since 2001.

Amir has founded two companies and a foundation. He also dedicates time to mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs at IE Venture Lab. So far, he has mentored more than eight projects, two of which have reached the finals at different editions of Venture Day.