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César Rodríguez Durántez

About me

César has a law degree and an MBA from IE Business School. He has extensive experience providing results in software, IT consulting and telecommunication environments.

Socio-director of ApeSoft; Owner of Stichbee; Commercial director of Alma Technologies


César Rodríguez Durántez


César Rodríguez Durántez


ApeSoft, Stichbee, Alma Technologies

César has worked on a variety of multinational management teams, serving as managing director or even country manager for some of the most important companies in his sector. He is also a passionate entrepreneur, and has worked to promote various business projects throughout his career.

For years, he has been involved with IE Business School, principally as a mentor at the Venture Lab Entrepreneurial Management.

César is the sitting president of the IE mentors, and is a member of the Executive Committee of the Circle of Entrepreneurs IE.