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Eduardo Divar

About me

Eduardo has an international MBA from IE Business School, a bachelor's in law and a degree in business and economics from ICADE. He has taken other courses at leading European business schools, including the London Business School.

Managing director of MG Spain, a project company of Berge Group.


Eduardo Divar


Eduardo Divar


MG Spain

Eduardo is the managing director of MG Spain, a project company within Berge Group, which distributes Morris Garages vehicles in Spain.

Eduardo has spent over 25 years in the automotive sector. During his career, he has worked as a commercial director and a marketing and communication director for companies such as Peugeot Dealers Ass., Berge Automoción S.L. and Chrysler Jeep Iberia, S.A.

He has played an active role in the development of new vehicle distributors in Spain. Recently, he was working as the managing director of Tata Motors in Spain.