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Marcos Eguillor

About me

Marcos, founder and managing partner of BinaryKnowledge, is an entrepreneur who has worked on several start-ups within the digital sector. He is the co-founder of IdeaFoster, an innovation consultancy firm. Since 2006, he has advised, mentored and managed more than 20 start-ups.

Senior digital executive.


BinaryKnowledge, IdeaFoster

Marcos been active in the digital world since 1999, taking on technical and managerial responsibilities at a number of leading corporations. Throughout his professional life he has worked in strategy, innovation, design and development of products and services, project management, internet projects, mobile apps, software, media and broadcast, videogames, e-learning, social media, consulting, and Gamification sectors, among others.

He holds a master’s in telecommunication engineering, an executive MBA, is a PhD candidate and is a certified property management professional.

He received a Torres Quevedo research grant from Spain’s Ministry of Innovation and Science from 2010 to 2012.

Marcos was also the proud recipient of the Telefónica R&D Prize for Innovation in 1999, as well as the award for best entrepreneurship mentor at IE Business School in 2013.