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Matan Ganani

About me

Matan, from Israel, is the CEO and founder of Never Empty.

CEO & founder, Never Empty


Matan Ganani


Matan Ganani


Never Empty

Matan served three years in the Israeli army as a combat team leader. Upon concluding his service, Matan attended law school. During his studies, he worked in the private education industry, devising SAT and GMAT test-solving strategies and preparing hundreds of candidates for these exams. After graduation, Matan began working in Israel’s largest law firm, specializing in capital markets law.

Matan launched Never Empty in August 2013, aiming to address problems of low attendance or under-utilization at large venues.

Today, Never Empty offers all-encompassing ticketing solutions to live event venues, and is also one of Microsoft’s GSIC portfolio companies. The company is widely recognized as an industry innovator and disruptor.

As CEO, Matan has raised more than $1.3 million in funding for Never Empty, and oversaw the creation of strategic partnerships with some of Spain’s largest football clubs.

Matan mentors and advises several early stage start-ups at IE Business School and elsewhere.

His areas of expertise include e-commerce, fundraising, marketing and branding. Matan has an MBA from IE Business School, a law degree and a bachelor’s in political science.