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Oscar Fernández Serrano

About me

Oscar Fernández has a degree in civil engineering from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and an executive MBA from IE Business School. He has also studied marketing and finance.

Business development manager, Aguirre Newman


Oscar Fernández Serrano


Oscar Fernández Serrano


Aguirre Newman, Idia Management, Turiplan, Restaura

Oscar started out as a business unit manager at Construction Multinational Companies.

Today, Oscar is the deputy managing director at Restaura, a real estate company group.

Before joining the Clestra Hauserman Group in Madrid, he worked at companies in Switzerland and France. Oscar has been a mentor at IE Business School’s Venture Lab since 2006.

A believer in the spirit of entrepreneurship, he has participated in two ventures: Idia Management and Turiplan. He speaks Spanish, English and French.