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Tomás Salinas

About me

Tomás is the founder and CEO of Salinas & Asociados. He also worked with Utopía Soluciones Informáticas to create Personal QR, a new channel of communication, in 2013.

CEO of Salinas & Asociados




Salinas & Asociados

Tomás specializes in communication technologies, advertising and public relations. He has experience working in the private and public sector, at a national and international level.

He began his professional career as a commercial manager at ACC Seguros de Caución y Crédito, where he worked in financial insurance before founding Salinas & Asociados in 1992.

Tomás became an entrepreneurial mentor in 1988 and is the current sitting president of the circle of entrepreneurs at IE Business School.

He has also held positions on the executive committee, and served as president of the new technologies committee of the Asociación de Jóvenes Empresarios de Madrid.

He has a degree in law, as well as an MBA from IE Business School.