Initiatives Activities designed and offered to build a more innovative and competitive world.


The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is committed to promoting sustainable economic development worldwide, helping to foster a more innovative, disruptive and competitive global entrepreneurial ecosystem. Whether you’re just starting out or a bit further along, we provide wide-reaching initiatives that focus on serving aspiring entrepreneurs for today’s competitive market.

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  • Venture Lab

    IE's Venture Lab trains and mentors teams to validate, design and prepare their startup projects for launch.

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  • IE Rockets

    Part accelerator, part angel investor, ie ROCKETS was designed to help students hone their skills and branding prowess, allowing them to break into the market and raise capital.

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  • South Summit

    South Summit is the leading event from the South, connecting the most innovative entrepreneurs with the world's most important investors.

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  • The Repsol Foundation Entrepreneurs Fund

    The Repsol Foundation Entrepreneurs Fund is an accelerator directed at energy and mobility start-ups.

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  • Elle Talent Project

    ELLE helps you to make your dream a reality with a contest that rewards young entrepreneurial talent.

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  • Emzingo

    Emzingo is a personal development company that inspires responsible leadership, prepares individuals to address global challenges and promotes social impact projects within the business community.

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  • Pasion>ie

    Passion for innovation and entrepreneurship.

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  • Families in Business at IE

    Network and Research Center

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