Emzingo Emzingo is a personal development company that inspires responsible leadership, prepares individuals to address global challenges and promotes social impact projects within the business community.


  • Description

    Founded in 2009 at IE Business School's Venture Lab, Emzingo helps companies create transformative leadership programs that increase employee engagement, create a positive workplace environment, embrace radical transparency and align company incentives with people from all over the world.

    Emzingo also works with international academic institutions to promote responsible leadership among students. The programs use social impact projects and a curriculum based in leadership development to enhance participants’ business and entrepreneurial skills through a deeper understanding of the social sector and a more reflective and self-aware business practices.

    In 2017, with a community of over 500 alumni and 80 partner organizations, Emzingo U was launched as a branch of the Emzingo brand. Dedicated exclusively to building new partnerships and leveraging long-lasting relationships across the academic spectrum, Emzingo U offers award-winning programs to students everywhere.

  • Our values

    At Emzingo, we envision a world where business leaders and organizations are committed to social responsibility, environmental sustainability and financial success.

    Our advice? Love what you do, but do it mindfully. Encourage collaboration and mutual success. Commit to personal growth, strive to achieve. Embody diversity and foster empathy. Be an agent of change. Act with integrity, authenticity and purpose. Empower people through action. Have fun, and be awesome.

  • Our Network

    Formed by an international group of professionals, fellows, collaborators, corporations and field partners who are willing to work together to embrace change, we work to seize the plethora of opportunities the world is presenting and make a difference that will last for generations.

  • Where To Find Us

    New York City & Boston, U.S.A. Emzingo Group is an international company by design, but we needed a home base. Our founding members chose the United States of America and have offices in New York City and Boston.

    Madrid, Spain. Emzingo Group founders met in Madrid while doing their MBAs and spent a lot off time developing the business while living in Europe. Some of our team members couldn’t part with the sunshine, and still work in the Spanish capital.

    Johannesburg, South Africa. As the first location of our programs, South Africa holds a special place in our hearts. We always look forward to exploring ideas and opportunities in South Africa. Our operations in this dynamic country are based in Johannesburg.

    Lima, Peru. Lima was our second location. We chose Peru for its great potential, amazing people and bustling non-profit/social enterprise sector. One of our team members works regularly from the vibrant city of Lima.

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In 2014, Brazil hosted two big events: the FIFA World Cup, and Emzingo’s first ever program in this beautiful country. As part of our international expansion, we began operations in the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro. And yes, we enjoy the occasional trip to Sao Paulo.


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