Elena García

Head of innovation

Elena García holds a doctorate degree in robotics and industrial engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, is a member of the Higher Council for Scientific Research at the Centre for Automation and Robotics and is the co-founder of Marsi Bionics. She has 20 years of research experience in ambulatory robots and wrote her doctorate thesis on the optimization of the speed and stability of ambulatory robots in natural and hostile environments. She completed her training at MIT’s Leg Laboratory, the forerunner of dynamically stable robots and elastic performance. Her research focuses on the scientific and technological challenges involved in applying robotics to human beings, such as in the ALTAS project, where she focuses on the use of exoskeletons for mobility assistance. García has received 6 awards for innovation from the international scientific community for the project. She has also pioneered the recent Kinder and EXOTrainer projects, which address the development of ambulatory exoskeletons for children with neuromuscular diseases. García has received the award for scientific merit from the president of the CSIC in 2013, 2014 and 2015. In 2015, she received the Gold Award from the Federation of Associations of the Disabled of Almería (FAAM) for her social research work. She has also been rated one of the 11 best scientists in Spain by Quo magazine. García is the head of innovation at ​​Marsi Bionics.