José Ignacio Barraqué


Economist with extensive experience in administration and business management ICT in the health sector. He has over 14 years of experience in the field of health sciences at the national level and specializes in the management and direction of the Bull Solutions and Projects Zaragoza of Hiberus Technology Madrid. For 10 years he has been a leader in the area of innovation for identifying business opportunities, economic feasibility analysis and obtaining funding. With this business generating unit he has created many companies in the field of information technology. An expert in sales management and team leadership, he is responsible for a commercial portfolio in the health field with no loss of customers and the lowest turnover of personnel in the sector. José Ignacio Barraqué integrates the values of leadership, entrepreneurship, and loyalty to the team and customer in his role as an economic and organizational manager. These are the foundations that Marsi Bionics’ working methods are based on.