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Financial Times | IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance

We believe no one is better placed to tackle the necessary challenges, drive change and lead business transformation than the people and teams who run them. Executive learning programmes created by Financial Times | IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance can transform businesses through customized, demonstrable and active models of corporate learning.

With our access to many of the world’s greatest business minds, leading business schools and world-renowned Financial Times journalists, FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance is revolutionizing the executive learning industry. We help leaders and their teams achieve competitive advantage with the necessary skills, based on a measurable model of corporate learning that has a positive impact on an organization’s business.

The Alliance: one of the largest pools of local and international corporate learning expertise and content

Financial Times |IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance connects the academic excellence of business schools with real-world insights from award-winning Financial Times journalists and global business practitioners.

This unique alliance sets up apart from other corporate learning providers. By bringing together business schools and practitioners, we ensure our programmes are academically rigorous and relevant in practice.

Our Alliance members are top business schools and learning organisations – globally as well as in their region and country – bringing with them international and local expertise and a wide range of capabilities, faculty and resources.

Our clients demand deep expertise in a broad range of areas. Recognising that no single corporate learning organisation has the full range of expertise, we created the Global Educator Community.

Using business school professors, coaches and practitioners, we bring together academic and non-academic expertise across functions, industries, geographies and languages. That’s how we can offer the best global and local capabilities.

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