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Industry Areas

Entrepreneurship & Family Business

Helping the family business in its continuity, growth and transformation through management models suited to new challenges.

Entrepreneurship & Family Business Programs

Health Care

A sector with very specific management tools and values, forced to optimize its efficiency to ensure sustainability values.

Health Care Programs


Specialized programs with a practical approach, an innovative methodology and a global perspective, aimed at professionals who want to keep up with the latest legal and fiscal management tools.

Law Programs


An exciting sector in which intangible values ​​determine the most demanding and sophisticated management tools.

Luxury Programs
Direccion Empresas Inmobiliarias

Real Estate

A growing sector, the engine of GDP growth, which requires managers who master all key business skills.

Real Estate Programs
Programa de Dirección en Retail

Retail Management

The distribution faces the challenge of becoming an environment in which innovation and technology eliminate barriers, and consumers are disputed between a global and virtual world.

Retail Management Programs
Security Professionals


Develop a strategic understanding of the role of security management as an enabler of business success.

Security Programs

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