Strategic Corporate Finance Managing Finance for Value Creation

12 - 14 Jun 2019
Face to face
One week or less
Tuition Fees
€ 3,900


The Strategic Corporate Finance program is aimed at executives that wish to explore cutting-edge practices in various corporate finance processes. As well as mastering their use of finance tools, participants improve their understanding of the market’s financial health, in turn leading to more effective strategy decisions.

The three-day programme takes executives through all technical aspects of corporate finance, from M&A deals and dividend policies to debt restructuring processes and bank negotiations. Members of our world-leading faculty take a practical approach to corporate finance processes, providing participants with a strong foundation upon which to evaluate their companies’ financial growth.

Benefits of the program

  • Participants learn how and when to use cutting-edge financial tools.
  • Professors explain the current ethical dilemmas faced by the finance market.
  • Participants gain insight into all perspectives and considerations of a transaction.


  • Key knowledge of today’s rapidly changing business environment.
  • Broad perspective of financial matters within the corporate environment.
  • Participants return to their daily role well-equipped to make crucial corporate finance decisions.

Participants will be able to:

  • Manage Finance to create shareholder value.
  • Apply top financial tools into their day to day operations.
  • Lead an M&A deal.
  • Identify and quantify risks facing their companies.
  • Decide a correct dividend policy for their shareholders.
  • Negotiate with their banks.
  • Understand their companies’ financial situation and adjust their corporate strategy accordingly.

Strategic Corporate Finance Program

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