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A cognitive approach to financial decision making with IE Executive Education’s Behavioral Finance program


When faced with high-pressure situations, stress can significantly interfere with our judgement. Being conscious of our own subconscious emotional impulses and biases improves how we evaluate risk and return in a more logical, constructive and profitable way.

The 2-day IE Behavioral Finance program incorporates fundamental aspects of cognitive psychology to understand the root causes in making unsound financial decisions—and how to avoid them.

Join other experienced finance professionals as you benefit from a number of tools and techniques to take control of how you approach each financial situation. By identifying your own biases and avoiding groupthink you will become more systematic and self-aware in your analysis and decision-making processes. Not only will this allow you to avoid the pitfalls of your own cognitive tendencies, but it will also help you to identify the inefficiencies and market opportunities created by investors’ behavioral biases.

Take the opportunity to continue building your financial network as you work with other experienced professionals on practical cases, scenarios and hands-on exercises. Examine the classical financial models and learn to identify their limitations in today’s market, developing the ability to make financial decisions in the face of uncertainty and outcomes that aren’t easily quantifiable. By the end of the course, you will understand how to apply these skills to the future success of investment firms, corporate finance, business strategy and, of course, your own financial decisions.

The cutting-edge course content stems from the practical, real-life market knowledge our incredible IE faculty, who will guide you every step of the way. On the program, Associate Professor Eusebio Martín will bring almost 30 years of professional experience to the table. A seasoned and successful investor, borrower, lender, manager and shareholder, Eusebio is an expert in analyzing, structuring and executing corporate debt. Having worked for an impressive list of organizations, including the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Corporate Director of Nuter Feed, and Partner at N+1 Mercapital (now Alantra), his expert insights are truly invaluable. Today, Martín is CEO of Aquisgrán Finance, a company that offers financing to Spanish SME’s, and Founding Partner of EMCapital, an independent firm offering financial and corporate advisory services for mid market companies.

Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to become a rational, unbiased investor. Enhance your financial performance by developing a decision-making framework that empowers you to face uncertainty, confidently taking on risks and challenges with a solid, logically sound strategy.