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Communication and User Experience as Levers for Digital Transformation


On June 1, an interesting roundtable on Digital Transformation was held, called “Communication and User Experience as Levers for Digital Transformation,” and moderated by Bernardo Crespo, Director of the Digital Transformation Management Program. Outstanding panelists took part in the discussion, such as Eduardo Beoetas, Founder of Soul Sight; Ignacio Jiménez Soler, Head of Global Communications Strategy at BBVA; and David Carro, Digital Capabilities Manager at Vodafone Spain.

If this event could be described in some way, it would be dynamic. For around an hour and a half, Bernardo and the guests raised questions and proposed topics during a lively and fast-paced debate. They put issues on the table such as that the user experience is not something new and inherent to the digital ecosystem in which we live, but instead has always existed, and the only thing that has changed is the way of communicating, of “telling a story” to the users.

And telling a story is what it is all about, since what seems clear is that nowadays in marketing, brands merely telling a story and users receiving and accepting it no longer works; it must be a process built together, in which users also create the content that they want to receive. “Brands must move from storytelling to storydoing,” was even said during this roundtable, referring to that brands should not tell, but also do, just as users want them to do.

Obviously, given that it is an event on digital transformation, talking about innovation and its application needs in companies, without needing to search for talent outside the company, but rather focusing on in-company training on the digital skills needed in today’s world, was not left out. Like this, hybrid profiles will be achieved that stick to “the basics” when working, but using new methodologies.

Therefore, it seems to be clear that for this digital transformation to transcend outwards in a company, it first has to happen on the inside, and not the other way around. And most interesting of all is that the driver and people responsible for this transformation happening are the users themselves, who set the rules of the game and usually are ahead.

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