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Discover the keys for the digital transformation of your company


On October 7 at IE Business School, we had the great pleasure of organizing and enjoying Next Marketing, a conference that is part of the Marketing and Sales Strategic Management Program, in which we sought to analyze the keys to digital transformation in marketing, sales and communication within the business environment.

This event featured three luxury presentations by renowned professionals in the sector, such as Alfonso Fernández, Director of Corporate Marketing at Samsung Electronics; Rafael Llopis, Director of Media and Advertising at Movistar+; and Manuel Álvarez de la Gala, Global Digital Director at Havas Media Group and also co-director of this Marketing and Sales Strategic Management Program. In addition, the presentations were moderated by Félix Muñoz, Marketing and Communication Consultant and also co-director of the program.

The three showed off their vast knowledge of the sector to try to understand and start a debate about how this process of digital transformation in marketing and sales is going that many companies have already implemented and that many others will need to also apply to remain relevant in the current market.

They discussed subjects such as the evolution of the consumer, that currently is much more demanding: the consumer blocks advertisements on the Internet because he or she wants to buy and does not want to be sold to, he or she is much more evolved and intelligent and does not believe as much in what the brands say but rather in the experiences of other consumers of these brands and their recommendations, for example, on social networks. Additionally, today’s users are “hyper connected” and “mobile”, moving from one screen to another (smartphone, tablet, PC) practically from getting up in the morning until bedtime, consuming “on demand” content. Their consumption habits have changed to such an extent that even purchasing decisions are made increasingly more often from a smartphone.

They spoke about the importance of Big Data, the analysis of large amounts of data on consumers to be able to offer them these increasingly more personalized services and products, and of course the accuracy of the results that metrics give us in the digital world.

In short, the event concluded that the digital transformation is not the future, it is the present, and that we all must be prepared to face the change to guarantee success. If you want to discover and find out more things about this subject, we recommend that you join our Marketing and Sales Strategic Management Program, in which top professionals will give you the keys needed to stay up-to-date in the current market.