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First Customer Experience Forum


On February 19, the First Customer Experience Forum was held, organized by the IE Customer Experience Club. For about four hours first-rate presentations were given, with representatives from major companies, like ING Direct, IKEA, Liberty Seguros, Correos, Rastreator, Brain Trust or the Spanish Association for the Development of Customer Experience. All of them shared their best practices in the customer experience field.

Among these speakers were Almudena Román, Managing Director of ING Direct Spain; Fernando Summers, CEO of Rastreator; Enrique Huerta, CEO of Liberty Seguros; Ramón Ramos, Customer Relations Manager at Ikea Spain; Juan Miguel Estallo, Customer Experience Manager at Liberty Seguros; Daniel Sánchez, Customer Experience Deputy Direct at Correos; and Jorge Martínez-Arroyo, president of the Spanish Association for the Development of Customer Experience. Marcos González de La-Hoz, President of the Customer Experience Management Club, Director of the Customer Experience Management Program and Commercial Excellence and Business Development professor at IE; and Tomás Ibáñez, associate professor of the Customer Experience Management program, Associate Director of Brain Trust CS and coauthor of the book Experiencia de Cliente, published by IE Publishing and LID Editorial were responsible for moderating the session.

All of the professionals that attended shared their experiences in the customer experience field within their companies. At a time in which customers and brands interact more frequently and deeply than ever before thanks to the conveniences that technology provides, customers perceive elements that can improve their relationship with the brand, or worsen it if things are not done correctly. Everyone agreed that in practice we must innovate, and above all, not leave the user out in our strategies as a brand; at the end of the day, the customer – the user – is our primary focus. Companies must be vehicles for people, they must integrate them and take advantage of their strengths.

The speakers also expressed that, to offer an optimal customer experience, it is really useful to know the user: “Get out, ask and discover.” As obvious as this may seem, there are many companies that do not pay attention to this as much as they should.

Finally, one of the conclusions that was drawn from the session is that in our country the customer experience service must be professionalized and specialized. And what better way to delve into this field than with our Customer Experience Management Program, that offers all of the skills to differentiate your company from the competition, effectively managing the customer experience and, of course, turning them into results. Join us!