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High-Performance Steering Committees: From Sports to our Companies


To celebrate the X Edition of IE Business School Executive Educations’ Executive Coaching Management Program, on March 10 the “High-Performance Steering Committees: From Sports to our Companies” conference was held. During this event coaching as a methodology was analyzed, as well as the coach figure as a key professional in corporations and companies.

The session was moderated by María Garcia and Pilar Rojo, directors of the program, and among the guests at the roundtable were Alejandra Quereda and Sandra Aguilar, representatives of the National Rhythmic Gymnastics Team; Sergio Scariolo, Coach of the Spanish Basketball Team; and Rosa María Sanz, Managing Director of Resources at Gas Natural.

Different guests recounted some of their successful experiences leading high-performance teams, like those mentioned above that certainly are! To begin with, all of the speakers seemed to agree when speaking that a high-performance team reaches this level when all of its members pursue a common goal. Alejandra and Sara are teammates, and above all, friends, but they acknowledged that, when being part of a team and working towards a goal, all of the members are treated with the same respect and equality, regardless of whether or not a friendship exists. This is a sign of professionalism that is vital for the team to be successful.
The participants also pointed out the importance of the technical and emotional connection between the team members, but also of the connection of the leader with the team, something that Rosa María Sanz and Sergio Scariolo emphasized. There must be positive feedback from the leader when deserved, not only negative, in order to motivate and move the team forward.

Of course, every team makes mistakes, and that is something that the team itself has to deal with, and the coach figure or leader must resolve. To do this, the guests emphasized that, in fact, mistakes must be analyzed: what went wrong and why. It is necessary to conduct an exercise in self-criticism, but means must also be provided to solve the mistake quickly, because in the end, this is what distinguishes a high-performance team from one that is not. The leader must motivate, solve and find an easy solution to the problem.

It was certainly an extremely enriching session that covered a lot, with testimonies of professionals who have reached the zenith of success on their respective teams, either sports or business ones. If you would also like to take your team to the top, you may be interested in discovering our Executive Coaching Management Program, a program that meets professional coaches’ real needs, so that they not only have the knowledge and skills of a coach, but also so that they are able to provide executive coaching services from a strategic point of view and adapted to today’s business world.
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