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IE University Launches Center for Liquid Learning

IE University Launches Center for Liquid Learning

Nick Van Dam, Chief Learning Officer and Professor at IE University, will serve as Chair.

IE University has announced its new Center for Liquid Learning, which will serve to expand and facilitate knowledge sharing of IE’s unique and evidence-based education method. At the core of all IE University programs, the IE liquid learning methodology supports the dynamic lives and unique needs of students and faculty as they move freely between physical and digital environments in an unpredictable and fast changing world. For example, thanks to the liquid learning method, IE University students are able to train in person on campus and connect to class remotely simultaneously and with the same immersive experience and academic excellence.

The objective of the IE University Center for Liquid Learning is to facilitate knowledge sharing, feature liquid learning experiences, and build community. The Center will provide access to academics, scientists, researchers, and other professionals who are thought leaders in the field of education and are continuing to help evolve the liquid learning methodology. The Center will also make available publications and research about liquid learning pedagogies, learning design, and research studies.

Nick Van Dam, Chief Learning Officer and Professor at IE University, will serve as Chair. Van Dam is an internationally recognized thought leader, advisor, keynote speaker, researcher, facilitator and best-selling (co) author of more than 25 books on Learning and Leadership Development. Prior to IE, he was a former Partner, Global Chief Learning Officer, HR-Executive, and Client Advisor at McKinsey & Company.

“It is not only about what you learn but how you learn, and therefore education by design should be effective and efficient. This does not mean simplistic, of course, because the world has changed, the pandemic has accelerated many trends – digitization, automation, sustainability, energy transition, just to name a few – and this changes the way we work and live and it also changes the way we learn and educate,” said Nick van Dam.

“IE’s liquid learning methodology helps students and professionals develop the expertise, skills, and mindset required for the jobs of the future. At our new Center for Liquid Learning, we aim to continually deepen and evolve this methodology through research, practice, and collaboration in order to further progress and modernize the education experience.”

Nick van Dam, Chief Learning Officer & Chair IE University Center for Liquid Learning

With the aim to help faculty around the world enhance their effectiveness as teachers and facilitators of various programs, the Center’s portal will feature education technologies, webinars, and conferences, among other offerings. The resources of the Center for Liquid Learning are open and available to all.

Since its inception in 1973, IE University has a been a leader in reinventing higher education and innovating education, and a pioneer in using technologies in learning that include the latest insights in pedagogies and theories to support education excellence. For example, the quality of IE University’s online programs is recognized by international media such as QS and the Financial Times, which consider IE University as the 1st and 2nd best in the world in their annual online MBA program rankings.