Partner Programs

At IE, we understand the importance of real-world application in your educational journey. That’s why we work closely with a number of organizations to give you the tools you need to capitalize on the opportunities that a multi-faceted professional portfolio will afford you.

IE Official Management Programs for Institutions

These programs are designed for you to develop your strategic vision and gain the latest in business management trends. You will also maximize your leadership skills in order to deal successfully with your professional challenges.

IE Senior Management Program:
Past intakes have been delivered for companies from the global banking industry, as well as public and governmental organizations.

IE Advanced Management Program:
Past intakes have been delivered for companies from a wide variety of industries, including retail, transport & defense, raw materials and inspection & certificates.

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IE Official MBAs for Institutions

Our Executive and Global MBAs are more than just a means to an end. They offer a comprehensive, transformative journey, where participants’ personal and professional lives are completely balanced, and each step is more important than the last. In these programs, every challenge presents a new opportunity for success.

• Corporate Executive MBA
• Corporate Global MBA

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IE Official High Impact Online Programs (HiOP) for Institutions

These programs are done entirely online and make use of a unique methodology that amplifies the interaction between the participants and the teaching team. This allows participants to balance their studies with other work and personal commitments.

• Talent Management in the Digital Age
• Scale Up: How to Successfully Manage Growth
• Innovation for Growth
• Leadership & Strategy in the Age of Disruption
• Financial Decision Making for Managers
• Business Families: How to Create Value Through Generations
• Digital Marketing, Social Media and Analytics: An Omnichannel Strategy

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IE Official Data Science Bootcamp for Institutions

The IE Data Science Bootcamp is an innovative program designed to train the new generation of business-oriented, analytical professionals to accelerate their future careers in an increasingly dynamic market.

• Data Science Bootcamp (full-time and part-time formats)

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Women in Leadership

These programs are aimed at empowering women across the globe throughout their careers, aiding them as they succeed in top positions as entrepreneurs, investors and decision-makers around the world.

• Women on boards
• Women in management and leadership positions
• Fast tracking women

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