Data Science Bootcamp

The Data Science Bootcamp will give you the tools and resources to enhance your skills and accelerate your career through the study of data science.

The IE Data Science Bootcamp seeks to meet the need for well-trained people in new digital and tech jobs that traditional higher education is unable to fill quickly enough. This 11-week program gives you the opportunity to learn to acquire, clean, structure, store, manipulate, analyze, and visualize data from diverse sources to answer complex business questions and start work as a Data Scientist.

Part-time Bootcamp
15 weeks

Full-time Bootcamp
11 weeks
Part Time Bootcamp:
Thu - Fri: 18h-21h30
Sat: 9h-14h
Full-time Bootcamp
Mon - Fri: 9h-20h+
Some Sat: 9h-14h
Face to face
Part-time Bootcamp
18 Oct-20 Feb
28 Feb-11 Jun
Full-time Bootcamp
27 Sept-12 Dec
20 Mar-11 Jun
Tuition Fees
€ 14.000
Digital, Data & Tech

By 2020, there will be an estimated 1 million new digital and tech jobs in Europe. Traditional higher education is unlikely to produce enough graduates to fill even a third of them. Upon completing the Bootcamp, you’ll have learned to acquire, clean, structure, store, manipulate, analyze, and visualize data from diverse sources to answer complex business questions. You’ll know how to find patterns, use machine learning and other analytical tools to put into practice across the business world.

What will you learn in this program?

  • Programming: R, Python
  • Data visualization: ggplot2, seaborn, matplotlib
  • Statistics: inferential statistics, probability distributions, regression analysis
  • Machine Learning: classification, clustering, and recommendation algorithms
  • Communication skills: these are essential to adequately explain and visualize all that was learned before
  • Data Labs: A mix of teaching, mentoring, and working on real data sets
  • A Capstone Project to present for the Demo Day at the end of the Bootcamp



The Bootcamp focuses on teaching you Data Science in R & Python, without anything else interfering with the learning experience.


Leverage IE’s brand as one of the most-recognized higher education institutions worldwide.


You’ll get a full view of the necessary steps, from data acquisition to communication skills.


Data Science is one of the most demanded skills in today’s job market, as companies need to strengthen their data analysis capabilities and their ability to extract insights from data.


ProfileIván Martín Maseda

Director, Data Science Bootcamp

Iván Martín Maseda

Director, Data Science Bootcamp

Iván Martín is the Chief Technology Officer of Binfluencer, a data-driven company leveraging the power of machine learning techniques to detect the most influential people in any sized market globally. Formerly a data scientist at McKinsey, he is a software engineer specialized in Artificial Intelligence and earned a Master’s degree in Business Analytics and Big Data at IE Business School. He is also an adjunct professor in Machine Learning at IE.


Our corporates partners work hand in hand with us sharing their datasets, so that you have the opportunity to develop the machine-learning model based on a real-life situation. The idea is for you to learn to manage a client in a format similar to that of consulting.
Our partners include Amadeus, Indra, Nielsen, Iberia, Endesa, MRM//McCann, SAP, EY, Cabify, ASTI, Uniplaces,, Alto Analytics, Paradigma, Nextail, BA Glass,, among many others.

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As an IE alumni you are part of our community, and we want to support your passion for Lifelong Learning. Therefore, all IE alumni receive 25%* off tuition fees for all Executive Education programs.
*Alumni from Intensive Programs (less than a week duration), Summer Schools or High Impact Online Programs will receive 15% off.
Neither scholarship is compatible with other deductions.

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At IE, we are committed to encouraging companies to enroll teams of their employees. We believe this allows them to explore new perspectives together and speak a shared language of change. Companies that sign a Corporate Agreement are eligible for a 15% off the tuition fee for Executive Education programs for group of employees. Additional services and support may also be available for a Corporate Partner Agreement.
Neither scholarship is compatible with other deductions.

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