Effective Management for Security Professionals - Program

Establishing the Security Role as an Enabler for Business Success

 Program methodology

Prior to starting the program, participants will have access to the IE virtual campus in order to prepare readings and classwork. Once the program begins, this theory is developed with a practical approach, through lectures, case studies, group discussions and role-play. Participants also have the opportunity to apply what they have learnt to real-world case studies, developing strategic business plans that can be applied to their own companies.

Introduction: Setting the Context

Examine today’s transforming socio-economic landscape and its impact on your organization and the security management role at large to glean insights into tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities.

Leading in uncertainty

Understand the impact of constant changes in the environment on the individual and the organization and explore key parameters and tools to assess and manage change. Determine change mindsets, identify resistance barriers, and tackle them on a one-to-one approach and in the organizational setting.

Creating a strategic mindset

Develop an understanding of the strategic core concepts and analytical tools needed to cultivate a “strategic mindset” that will allow you to create value and competitive advantage within your role as security manager.


Core elements of negotiation: the common structure of negotiations, negotiation do’s and dont’s, handling conflicting interests and unequal negotiating powers of parties involved, and effective techniques and best practices.

The application of financial information

Grasp the latest concepts in financial management and how these tools may help any manager, not just financial specialists, make sounder business decisions, with a special emphasis on budgeting, valuation and value creation.

Bringing it all together

Integrate and apply the acquired knowledge and skills to a specific business problem within your own organization. Participants will work on their own Security plan and will present it to their peers.

A Liquid Learning Experience

At IE Business School Executive Education, we strive to provide an educational experience that works with the rhythm of high-performing professionals. Throughout our over 20 years as leaders in online learning, we have constantly sought to refine our approach. We have chipped away at the barriers that obstruct dynamic executives from discovering the latest best practices or gaining the tools to lead more effectively.