The New Business of Law - The Program

An Innovative Toolkit for Driving Business Impact and Delivering Results in the New Legal Industry

The program is made up of 6 modules:

Legal Project management online

Legal Project Management (LPM) is a new strategic and organizational approach that allows managing a legal matter in a more efficient, dynamic and open way to change. This is the adaptation of knowledge, techniques, tools and skills of project management to the legal sector, with the aim of improving, streamlining and streamlining the offer of professional solutions by law firms and companies’ legal departments

Digital transformation for law firms

This Transformation course students will gain knowledge to: diagnose the digital maturity of the organization, technological tools, and apply the methodologies and business models that allow them to define a transformation project and its subsequent digitization, as well as through practical cases, understand the barriers and aspects to be taken into account when implementing it.

Legal tech

New Skills for lawyers: legal design, innovation, customer centric strategies, collaborative leadership

The module will provide the soft skills that equip the participant with the new skills every future lawyers needs to succeed: The T-shaped lawyer, combining deep legal knowledge and skills with the ability to collaborate effectively across multiple disciplines.

Legal operations: the new management of Law

This experience will bring you an overview of the best practices in Legal operations, the set of business activities, processes, and people that maximize an in-house legal team’s ability to protect and grow the company. It requires a wide-ranging combination of skills including strategic planning, financial management, vendor management, technology management, and legal data analytics.

New market of Law

The participants will learn in detail the real competition that is fiercely changing the legal industry business dynamics, later focusing in the business models and innovations that are reshaping the market of Law.

A Liquid Learning Experience

At IE Business School Executive Education, we strive to provide an educational experience that works with the rhythm of high-performing professionals. Throughout our over 20 years as leaders in online learning, we have constantly sought to refine our approach. We have chipped away at the barriers that obstruct dynamic executives from discovering the latest best practices or gaining the tools to lead more effectively.