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IE Foundation Announces Prizes in the Humanities 2020 Winners


The awards ceremony will be held in September with an online event broadcast from WOW Room.

The IE Foundation has announced the winners of the Prizes in the Humanities 2020 in the categories of poetry, short story and short essay in Spanish and English, video and photography. In this 5th edition of the awards, more than 300 students, graduates, and faculty and staff members have submitted over 700 works in the five categories. Among the members of the jury of this edition are writers and journalists such as Namita Gokhale, Tom Burns, Bieito Rubido and Carlos de Vega, among other personalities from the field of the Humanities. The awards ceremony will be held virtually from the WOW Room in September.

The IE Foundation Prizes in the Humanities celebrate the humanistic vision of students, graduates and staff at IE University, their critical thinking, the ability to find another voice and to take a different look at reality. These awards promote a vision of the world of the Humanities, central value of the academic institution.

“The Prizes in the Humanities have shown us, once again, that the talent of our community is resilient and able to overcome times of uncertainty.”

Victoria Gimeno, Director of the IE Foundation Prizes in the Humanities

“Our students, alumni, faculty and staff have created characters and situations, real orinvented, have captured moments that only their eyes have seen, and have recreated stories in their videos, proving once again that creativity makes us better people,” said Victoria Gimeno, Director of the IE Foundation Prizes in the Humanities. “This year, the number of participants and entries in the written categories, poetry, storytelling and essay, have increased considerably and the juries have unanimously congratulated us on the quality of all the works,” she added.

The winners of the 2020 awards are:

Poetry in English

1st prize. An Afro-Madrileña Love Note, by Patrice Juah, Master in International Relations.

2nd prize. Invisible, by Malak El Halabi, Master in Market Research and Consumer Behavior.

3rd prize. Quarantine Sonnets: Gratitude Edition, Quarantine Sonnets: Madness Edition, by Jessica Yang, International MBA.

Special Mention. Lemons, by Laufey Sverrisdóttir, Bachelor in Business Administration.

Faculty & Staff. Confinement, by María Eugenia Marín, General Director, International Relations, IE University.

Short Story in English

1st prize. The drive, by Kamil Maharaj, International MBA.

2nd prize (shared). Thiaba | Toubab, by Salena Lee, Master in Advanced Finance.

2nd prize (shared). The Short, Meaningful Life of Francis Hall, by Robert Wagner, Bachelor of Laws.

3rd prize. Batty, by Laura Sturley, Dual Degree in Business Administration and Laws.

Faculty & Staff. My friend, by Stephanie Reina, Professor, IE University.

Short Essay in English

1st prize. Dancehall Beats & Batty Boys: How Dancehall has become an outlet for violent homophobia, by Sasha Hill, Dual Degree in Laws and International Relations.

2nd prize. The Fall of the House of Normalcy: A Literary Approach to the New Meaning of Home and the Liminal Streets, by Laura Álvarez Trigo, Bachelor in Communication.

3rd prize (shared). The Function and Necessity of the Ascetic Ideal in Nietzche’s “On the Genealogy of Morals”, by Nicolas Krsnik Vázquez, Bachelor in Psychology.

3rd prize (shared). The Bloody Deceit of Elizabeth Holmes, by Sandy Chahine, Master in Customer Experience and Innovation.

Poetry in Spanish

1st prize. Itaca inesperada, by Alejandro Barrero Bilbao, Master in Business Analytics & Big Data.

2nd prize. Entre el viento, by Macarena Tannus Rubinos, Dual Degree in Business Administration and International Relations.

3rd prize. Atardercer sonoro, by Emilio Muñoz Díez, Master in Financial Management and Control.

Faculty & Staff. Antojo onírico, by Sergio Rodríguez Jiménez, IE University Support Staff.

Short Story in Spanish

1st prize. El reloj de la vida, by Antonio Ruíz González-Mateo, Master in Business Legal Advice.

2nd prize. El laberinto, by Laura Hermosa Matamoros, Master in Management.

3rd prize. Cuando los cuadros perdonan, by Agustín Pellecchia, International MBA.

1st prize Faculty & Staff. Quédate, by Luis Vivanco, Professor, IE University.

2nd prize Faculty & Staff. Mar, by Reneé Cortes, Communication Manager of IE Law School.

Short Essay in Spanish

1st prize. Últimos días azules de Antonio Machado, by Antonio Ruíz González-Mateo, Master in Business Legal Advice.

2nd prize. Lean, Agile… Sobre la naturaleza de la actual “Revolución” en organización empresarial, by Emilio Muñoz Díez, MA in Commercial and Marketing Management.

3rd prize. Tiempos de emprendimiento, by Francisco Javier Carro González, Global Senior Management Program.

Faculty & Staff. El cuidado del lenguaje by Alejandro Pedroche Sánchez, Marketing Manager, IE University.


1st prize. Big Family, by Jacobo Vicente de Gregorio, Bachelor in Information Systems.

2nd prize. The endless summe, by Federico Cravero, Master in Corporate and Marketing Communication.

3rd prize. The weight of culture, by Noémie Benaroch, Master in Management.

1st prize Faculty & Staff. Border Line, by Juan Alcalde, Faculty Office, IE University.

2nd prize Faculty & Staff. Silence, by Juan Alcalde, Faculty Office, IE University.


1st prize. The everlasting spring, by Héloïse Allemandou, Bachelor in Communication.

2nd prize. Peny-A love story, by Christian Bolorinos, Master in Consumer Experience and Innovation.

3rd prize. Break free, by Annika Lisia Lange, Master in Corporate and Marketing Communication.