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Finding solutions to the social, technological and economic issues we face today

Collaborative knowledge generation

In order to promote change and innovation, it is necessary to support cutting-edge research and initiatives that use new strategies in critical thinking. The Foundation’s think tanks, centers for excellence, observatories and chairs work to provide innovative solutions to the challenges faced by the business world and society as a whole.

Research centers

From research on diversity and gender equality, to initiatives in international finance, the centers supported by the IE Foundation open the door to learning about the most relevant issues with the highest impact on today’s society.

IE Center for Diversity

This center engages in activities geared toward the power of diversity, helping organizations take advantage of the opportunities represented by diversity.

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Families in Business at IE

This research and networking center has an innovative understanding of family businesses and works to provide value to family businesses on a global scale.

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This center carries out research initiatives that focus on three main areas: entrepreneurship, technology applied to social innovation and conscientious leadership.

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IE Africa Center

The vision of the IE Africa Center is to revolutionize the way that African business and culture are taught across higher education institutions, starting with our own.

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Center for Consumer Driven Growth

This center’s mission is to promote the role of consumer centricity as a key driver of sustainable business growth in the digital age, from startups to big corporations.

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Chairs and observatories

Discover IE Foundation’s chairs and observatories, where scientific discovery and learning projects take place in a variety of areas, from law to management or marketing.

Pérez-Llorca Chair/IE Commercial Law

The chair’s initiatives in research and education offer a professional perspective on the practice of law in the international context of commercial law.

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La Caixa Foundation Management Chair

This chair works to promote research and the use of best practices in the management of people and organizations.

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Observatory for the Premium and Prestige Market

With the support of Mastercard, this observatory engages in research and education initiatives in the luxury sector.

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The Foundation’s projects and initiatives contribute to research and the diffusion of knowledge. Their duration depends on the specific needs of the sponsor and their scope. The Foundation’s research mainly takes the form of research projects for private companies and/or ministries.

Sovereign Wealth Funds 2017

Drafted with the participation of internationally renowned experts, the report analyses the most recent trends in the SWFs industry, including information about new and consolidated funds, largest deals, top sectors targeted, such as logistics real estate and venture capital, and upcoming investment trends.
Produced by the IE Sovereign Wealth Lab (IE-SWLab) in collaboration with ICEX and sponsored by IE Foundation, the report shows how countries like the US, India, China or the UK, continue to be particularly attractive to SWF.


This report is the outcome of a research project sponsored by Coca-Cola Europa Partners (CCEP) accomplished during 2018. The main objective of the project was to examine the salience of different Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) actions on a critical intangible assets for each company: its Employer Branding among Millennials.
Moreover, the aim of the project was to test, if a difference exists in this relationship between Employer Branding and Consumer Branding, between brand perception and willingness to act and, finally, between Millennials (born 1984-1996) and Generation Xers (born 1965-1980).

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