IE Global Admission Test

The IE Global Admissions Test (ieGAT)* has been developed as a means of determining a candidate’s ability to make challenging, high-level decisions in a high-stakes environment. This rigorous exam is a flexible alternative to other standardized tests and, in most cases**, may take the place of the GMAT, GRE or LSAT, if desired.

Convenient & Global

Sign up to sit the exam at the most convenient location for you. Tests are held on a regular basis at 30+ locations worldwide. The test is aimed at an international audience and not associated with any particular educational system, thus all candidates stand an equal chance of success.

Scored for Success

The ieGAT scoring system is tailored to reflect the profile of our successful graduates. Scoring is based using a comparative Gauss curve to match abilities and skills to those of top students across all of IE´s different programs.

A Practical Exam

Rather than academic material that can be studied prior to examination, the test presents real world situations found in everyday professional life that help determine a test taker’s ability to process information and think logically. No preparation is required.

* In cases where the exam is performed prior to the submission of the application, the test will only be considered if the application is submitted within the following 30 days.

** For specific admissions requirements please check the website for your program of interest.



There are no authorized or official centers that can prepare candidates to take our ieGAT. Thus, any website claiming to offer ieGAT preparation is not affiliated with IE.


Content of the ieGAT

The exam consists of different tasks: verbal comprehension & reasoning, numerical comprehension & reasoning and logical-abstract reasoning. Questions presented randomly throughout the exam require participants to switch rapidly from one line of thinking to another:

Verbal and numerical comprehension & reasoning

The candidates will read and analyze a short text and relevant numerical data, in the form of tables and diagrams that describe specific economic circumstances, and will answer a set of related questions.

The verbal reasoning questions assess comprehension of the text and the ability to distinguish information of greatest importance. The numerical questions assess quantitative reasoning and mastery of basic mathematical calculations.

Logical-abstract reasoning

In this section candidates will be presented with a series of diagrams made up of varying elements which follow a set of rules, or a pattern, to be determined by the candidates. This is a non-verbal exercise.

Sitting the ieGAT

From 2h to 2,5 h
Including instructions & personality test

The IE Global Admissions Test may only be taken once and it is available in English and Spanish. The test language should match the language of the program application.

Candidates arriving after the start time will not be permitted to take the exam. Candidates must present their ID to an IE Representative before the test starts.

Prior to the exam, participants will go through practice questions.

Participants are required to arrive 15 minutes prior to exam.


In order to take the ieGAT, you should pre-register in a IE Global Admissions test close to you. Please select one.

Please direct any further questions to: