Financial Aid for Undergraduate Studies

The Financial Aid Office offers a wide variety of scholarship programs and loan options. Our mission is to assist candidates in the development of a realistic and solid financial plan and guide them through the revision and application processes.


The IE Foundation awards tuition assistance to talented students based on economic need, merit, distinctive competencies and academic/professional excellence.

IE Scholarships are possible thanks to the generosity of our alumni, companies, partner organizations and other donors, and they are the most demanded source of financial assistance.

Each scholarship has different and specific requirements so it’s important to evaluate and select the scholarship(s) that best fit with the candidate’s profile. The FinancialAid Office will guide you through this process if necessary. As they are limited in number, there is significant competition for each award and we recommend candidates to apply well in advance.

  • Scholarship requirements

    Candidates may submit their scholarship application only once they have been admitted to an undergraduate program.

    Each scholarship has a series of specific requirements that must be met in order for the Scholarship Committee to evaluate the application.

    It is important to carefully analyze which scholarships best fit your profile before applying. The Financial Aid Office is at your disposal to help you through the application process and to answer any questions you may have.

  • Application Process

    In order to formally apply for an IE scholarship, please complete the online financial aid application. 

    It is important to remember:

    • You may apply to a maximum of three scholarships
    • You must clearly explain your personal and/or academic merits in the scholarship application. In addition, you must explain to the Committee why you believe you should be granted the specific IE scholarship(s) you have selected.
    • IE Scholarships, along with scholarships granted through IE sponsors and agreements, are not accumulative.
    • IE Scholarship funds are limited, thus:
      • It is important that you provide information about your financial circumstances. Between two candidates with similar profiles and merit, priority will be given to the one who certifies having a greater need.
      • We highly recommend that students apply for financial aid as soon as possible.
  • Application deadline

    Candidates may apply for scholarships only once they have been admitted to an IE undergraduate program. In addition, all scholarship applications must be received before the beginning of the students first academic year at IE University.

    The Scholarship Committee meets regularly. Candidates will receive a formal resolution regarding their scholarship application within two to four weeks after sending their completed scholarship application.

    The general deadline to send scholarship applications is July 15th. However, please bear in mind that there are scholarships that may have an earlier deadline, thus we recommend all candidates review the conditions of each scholarship. After this deadline scholarship applications will still be accepted, however we cannot guarantee that funds will be available.

    In August of each year, an extraordinary Scholarship Committee meeting is held in order to redistribute any remaining scholarships funds.


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Scholarships are granted before the beginning of the students first academic year and will be revised each July by the Scholarship Committee. As a result of a scholarship recipient’s academic performance, scholarships may be renewed, reduced or in some cases cancelled. If the student’s academic results are satisfactory, the scholarship will be automatically renewed.

Terms and conditions

For more information about scholarship renewal conditions, please consult the following document



Thanks to the agreements signed by IE with various financial institutions, many of our students have access to student loans, which provide financing through attractive terms and conditions.

The Financial Aid Office is here to help and support you through the loan process by helping you assess and understand the different financing options that exist.

Please take into account that all final decisions regarding loan applications are made by the respective bank. Thus, we highly recommend that candidates submit their loan application with enough time to make further adjustments and/or seek out alternatives if necessary.

For more information regarding the specific agreements, please contact

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