Are you interested in studying an undergraduate program at IE University and wondering what financial aid options IE offers? Are you the parent or guardian of a potential student? No matter where you are in the process, the IE Financial Aid Office is here to help!

We fully understand that choosing to pursue a degree is a big decision and an important investment in your future. At IE University, we are proud to offer a variety of financial aid resources with the aim of supporting our most talented incoming undergraduate students from all backgrounds that may be facing economic barriers.

Many incoming students and their families use a variety of resources to fund the tuition and living costs associated with their studies and our team is eager to assist you in exploring the options that are best suited to your unique situation. By providing resources and personalized assistance, we strive to help you pursue your continued education and become the best YOU that you can be.


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IE University and IE Foundation offer both awards and scholarships to help celebrate and empower talented incoming students. The IE Financial Aid Office is happy to help you navigate these options in order to see what may be best for you.

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Each student is automatically considered for our prestigious, merit-based awards during the admission process and no application is required.

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Students that wish to submit an application for scholarships are encouraged to do so after receiving their admission and before the start of their degree.

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Additionally, we offer external financing options to further break down barriers and increase accessibility of our undergraduate programs.



Submit your online admission application for the Undergraduate Program of your choice.

You can apply for scholarships as soon as you’ve received your admission offer.

Explore our scholarships

Explore all of our scholarship opportunities here to decide which best suit you (you can select up to three, but you can only be awarded one).

Login to the platform

Use the same email and password used for your online admission application to access the online scholarship platform.

Complete your scholarship application

The online scholarship platform contains important guidelines as well as step-by-step details on how to complete your application.

Need help along the way? Contact us, we are here to help!

Submit your scholarship application

After making sure you have completely filled out the application and uploaded all necessary documentation, be sure to hit SUBMIT.

You will receive confirmation of submission on the platform itself.

Parents/ Guardians

Parents, or guardians, must provide information about their financial situation. They will receive a questionnaire link via email. Your application will be reviewed once they click SUBMIT.

Receive the resolution

1-3 weeks after you and your family submit your completed scholarship application, you will receive your resolution from the Scholarship Committee.
You will receive the resolution in an email that also contains your place reservation deadline and the terms and conditions of your scholarship.

Secure your scholarship

If you have been offered a scholarship, all you need to do is reserve your place in your degree by the established deadline, if you haven’t done so already!

Get ready to start your journey!


The deadline for these scholarships is the start date of the program unless otherwise specified. For all awards, no application is required. For all scholarships, financial need is taken into consideration, especially for talented candidates who demonstrate constraints in accessing alternative financing options, such as loans. Please note that complying with the minimum eligibility requirements does not guarantee a favorable resolution.


These merit-based awards are granted automatically to candidates upon admission without needing to submit a scholarship application. All admissions applicants are automatically considered.


IE University collaborates with several partnering organizations to offer these scholarship opportunities. Please note that some scholarships require that you submit an external scholarship application.

For more Information about award and scholarship terms and conditions

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IE University collaborates with several leading financial institutions to offer eligible undergraduate students the opportunity to finance their education with a loan. Many students choose to fund part or all of their tuition fees with a loan, with some agreements allowing them to also cover living expenses.

It is important to first consider all your options, as there may be government and regional loans or grants available to you in your home country.

For most agreements, students must submit their loan application prior to the start of the academic year. For more information on whether or not you may be eligible and how to apply, please reach out to us at loans@ie.edu.

Some of our partner institutions include:
  • Sabadell Logo
  • Sallie Mae Logo
  • UniCredit Logo

Cost of Attendance

In order to properly create a financial plan, we encourage each of our candidates and their families to review all of the costs associated with studying at IE University and living in Spain.

You will find more information about yearly tuition fees, additional costs and available payment plans.

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For information regarding cost of living and our recommended housing options, we encourage you to consult the Student Services website.



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