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IE University’s educational model is designed for internationally minded candidates, with and entrepreneurial spirit and a drive for innovation.

Our educational model is designed to create individually tailored, academically rigorous programs in a diverse, international environment. With a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship, innovation and the humanities, these practically focused degrees build well-rounded individuals, ready to take on modern challenges.

We look for well-rounded candidates. Academic achievements are just the beginning, our students come to us with an international outlook, already having put their exceptional potential into practice. While grades play an important part, we are interested in your academic performance in a broader framework, centering on your aspirations and abilities, personal initiative and globally minded, humanistic focus. 



Our students are passionate about many different things. Some of them are passionate about sports, others about the arts, and others about developing new business ideas. We have students who are passionate about motorcycles, horse-riding, singing, painting, and much more. If there is something that defines our students, it is their hunger for living their passions and sharing them with the world.



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