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IE University’s educational model centers on the experience of international diversity, and personalization based on academic excellence, entrepreneurship, continuous innovation, and an unique approach to humanities, which lead to practical, experiential learning. For the model to work, we need candidates with an international outlook, who have a pioneering, flexible, and entrepreneurial spirit, and who are, to a great extent, already putting this potential into practice.

There is something important you must remember. We are looking for balanced candidates. We are interested in everything about you, not just your academic achievements. Your exam results are obviously important because they give us an idea of your work ethos, and of how driven and determined you are; and it mustn’t be forgotten that academic achievements are one of the cornerstones of IE University. However, we look at your academic performance in a broader framework, in the context of your aspirations, your abilities, your personal initiative, and your outlook, as these aspects form the other cornerstones of our model: a humanistic approach, entrepreneurship, and innovation, together with our aim to provide a comprehensive, life-transforming education.

Qualities we look for in our future students

I have an International Outlook

I have my own opinion about things

I like trying to make things better

I'm good at finding solutions

I like challenges

I'm passionate about things I like and I like others to be passionate about them too

I am able to think ahead


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