Startup to Scale Up: A Program On What To Do Once The Company Starts To Grow

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January 24th 2018


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Become a Scale Up Entrepreneur

This High Impact Online Program is designed for owners, founders and startup entrepreneurs who have successfully validated their business model. Are you ready to go beyond the success of creation and into accelerated growth? Are you prepared to level up towards higher market share and profits?

Program Overview

Today’s entrepreneurial ecosystem has already embraced startups, and now it is possible for many people to start a company. The real question is: can you scale? When you reach 50 employees and €1 million in revenue, what then? Join us for an eye-opening and transformative experience created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs to increase the chances of success. We will give you the expertise to design and implement a successful scale up strategy that will allocate your business’ resources correctly over time to, ultimately, obtain long term growth and exponential profits.
What will you learn during the program?

Identify your situation in the startup to scale up stage, and adapt your company accordingly.

Take advantage of risk and be able to run towards it, so you can also take advantage of one of the main drivers of successful scaling: exponentiality.

Learn from other disciplines of management how growth occurs, and how to manage it.

Create and manage the culture for your company. There’s always a culture, the question is whether you design it or it happens by accident.

Be able to match supply with demand by learning from the well-established field of operations.

Program Modules

Module 1: Understanding Scale-up
This module is all about making the separation from what you have done in the pre growth stage versus what you need to do in the scale up stage and the mindset needed for it. It will also make you reflect upon the situation of your company and industry so you can move forward.

Module 2: Product and Market
After validating the fit between your product or service with the market, we will take a look at how the company makes money and where to set your focus as you enter exponential growth.

Module 3: Operations and Execution
Supply and demand can make or break your business. Of course you need demand to have a company, but fulfilling orders, keeping your growth in order and customer service have much to learn from operations so your profits can actually increase.

Module 4: Culture and Team
All companies have cultures. Some are designed by the founders and are constructive. Others are formed in a vacuum and can be destructive. In this module, you will learn what to keep in mind and how to actually make the best use of the culture for your venture.

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