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Global, Comparative and European Law

A global learning experience

Aware that the law is moving beyond borders to respond to the challenges of an increasingly globalized world, IE Law School is committed in offering a global experience and training.

At IE Law School, we firmly believe that our students must be prepared to be actors in the evolution that the law is experiencing. In all our undergraduate and postgraduate programs, European Union Law is an essential component and many of our programs have a unique international and comparative approach, allowing our students to gain a global vision of the law that will prepare them for the world. The LLM in International Business Law, the LLM in Derecho Transnacional de los Negocios, the Master in Global Corporate Compliance (LLM) and our undergraduate programs, the Bachelor in Politics, Law and Economics, and the Bachelor of Laws, are a clear example of our commitment with this global vision of the law.

With the goal to enrich the global learning experience even further, IE Law School collaborates with prestigious academic institutions from all over the world, offering exchange programs, double degrees, joint programs and other initiatives.

The Center for European Studies at IE Law School, as well as the Jean Monnet Module, offer our students the opportunity to deepen their analysis and knowledge of current European and international issues.

Programs in Global, Comparative and European Law

Take a look at our programs designed for recent graduates or professionals aiming to develop a career at an international level.

Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

The Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) is a solid and international program that prepares students for a global practice of law by incorporating the comparative law methodology in the legal training of future lawyers.

Discover our Bachelor of Laws

LLM in International Business Law (LLM)

This program prepares students for a legal career in an international environment by providing comprehensive training which incorporates business, soft skills and allows students to develop an international network.

Learn more about the LLM in International Business Law

The Comparative Law Methodology

The Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) incorporates the comparative law methodology in the legal training of future lawyers. Discover from several professors of Universities around Europe why learning law with the comparative methodology is important for future lawyers in an increasingly globalized world.


IE Law School offers unique academic and immersive experiences, allowing students to live the law from a global perspective.


Each year our students descend to London’s and Brussels legal scene and spend a whole week meeting lawyers from international law firms, in-house counsel from companies and industry leaders.



During the Bachelor in Laws (LL.B.) and LLM programs at IE Law School, students are given the opportunity to participate in International Moot Courts competitions.



Guest professors that come from top tier law schools and law firms from around the world enhance our faculty, bringing intellectual depth and sharing their expertise with our students.


The European Module Jean Monnet "Towards a Common Private Law of Europe"

The European Commission has expressly endorsed this innovative approach by granting IE University this European Module within the prestigious Jean Monnet Program, under the direction of Professor Marco de Benito.

The purpose of the Module is thus ultimately to foster the development of a more profound, sophisticated, cosmopolitan understanding of the law, and incorporate the comparative standpoint naturally into their future legal practice.

Learn more about the Jean Monnet Module

Develop your career in international law

At IE Law School we prepare students to step up to the challenge and understand the law from a global perspective.

Through a curriculum of unparalleled breadth, a committed international community, the diversity of our faculty’s expertise and interests, and immersive experiences, students gain knowledge of the basic differences in the world’s legal systems and build on essential skills to start an international career and standout as a global lawyer.

Areas of work

International Law is broad and diverse and there are many different areas of work, either in public or private international law as areas of practice. These are just some of the career options:

• Lawyer in an International Law Firm

• Legal counsel in a multinational company

• Legal Advisor in an International Organization, such as NGOs

• Career in diplomacy

• Civil servant in International organizations

• Global policy-maker

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