In their words: The many paths of a successful career in law

Three IE Law School alumni describe their experience in today’s legal landscape. From a legal tech entrepreneur who founded his own startup to a corporate global lawyer, learn how IE paved their path to success.

At IE Law School, our programs – from a Bachelor Degree to an LLM in Business Law and beyond– are designed to mirror current developments, providing our students with the skills to take on dynamic positions in today’s legal landscape. With this approach, it comes as no surprise that our incredible alumni work in diverse sectors, with vastly different day-to-day lives. In a recent online webinar, some of these former students shared their experiences and insights of today’s reality as a legal professional. The discussion featured Isabella Ruiz de Rato, a lawyer at Cuatrecasas in London, Calum Hedigan, co-founder of Legolex (LegalTech) in Madrid, and Álvaro Hernández Vidal, a lawyer at Ontier, also based in Madrid.

07 Jul 2020


Students Experience

Soledad Atienza named Dean of IE University’s Law School

Soledad Atienza has an extensive academic experience and a global vision of legal education. Her commitment and professionalism serving as Vice Dean ...

30 Jun 2020


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The Pérez-LlorcaIE Chair analyses the distribution of risks and the modification of contracts in premises leases

The Pérez-Llorca/IE Chair analyses the distribution of risks and the modification of contracts in premises leases

The Pérez-Llorca/IE Chair dedicated its latest seminar to analysing the distribution of risks and the modification of contracts in the leasing of ...

29 Jun 2020


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Boss Ex Machina | IE Law School

“Boss Ex Machina”: First Marie Curie Fellowship obtained by a researcher at IE Law School

Professor Antonio Aloisi has been awarded by the European Commission the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship for the project: BOSS EX MACHINA, ...

03 Jun 2020


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MIAC and IE Law School sign a collaboration agreement

MIAC and IE Law School sign a collaboration agreement to promote international arbitration

With this agreement, IE Law School aims to promote international arbitration as an alternative for dispute resolution and contribute to the ...

26 May 2020


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Santander and IE launch online scholarships

Santander and IE Foundation launch 100 online scholarships to educate the best digital legal talent

100 Santander IE Scholarships for law students or young professionals from 9 countries to give them new digital tools and skills to enhance their ...

20 May 2020


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The IE Compliance Club: A student led initiative that fosters ethical business practices for a sustainable society

The IE Compliance Club, founded by a group of students of the Master in Global Corporate Compliance, seeks to foster discussions that are the basis of ethical organizations and sustainable societies.

Paulo Santos (Brazil), Aaisha Mohamed Anees (Dubai), Estefani Morelli (Colombia), Ryan Winkler (USA) and Elene Jgerenaia (Georgia), came together earlier this year to found the IE Compliance Club. With diverse backgrounds– from law and political sciences to business and finance– these five LL.M. students share the same convictions that drive sustainability and ethics in organizations and society.

“The Club was founded with the purpose of fostering discussions on areas touching compliance (e.g., corruption, money laundering, cybersecurity, corporate governance, fraud, forensics and equality) as well as transparency, independence, and accountability. We believe that ethical business practices, alongside integrity, are the basis of a sustainable society, therefore we want to encourage the maintenance of long-term value-driven culture”, they explain.

We applaud students’ initiatives that step up to show their convictions and leadership. Know more about their activities and mission.

19 May 2020


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IE Law School creates a series of virtual career initiatives to set students on the path to a successful career

Education today is liquid, and so are our students’ career paths, as they enter and experience a limitless professional world with virtual ...

07 May 2020


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Professor Antonio Aloisi awarded Giorgio Rota Best Paper Award

Antonio Aloisi, Assistant Professor of Labour Law at IE Law School is awarded with the 8th Giorgio Rota Best Paper Award, on "Digital transformation: ...

20 Apr 2020


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California Bar Examination and QLTS study now possible through IE Law School partnership with BARBRI

As we live in an increasingly globalized, interdependent world and the demand for legal professionals who understand the workings and complexities of ...

17 Apr 2020


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IE Law school adds QLTS agreement to BARBRI partnership, further broadening students opportunities to qualify abroad

IE Law School is uniquely committed to fostering global legal education. As the only law school in Europe to provide BARBRI prep training, students ...

03 Apr 2020


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IE Law School and ONTIER team up to offer Mentorship Experience program

IE Law School recognizes the value of work experience for a student’s personal and professional development. Interacting with established lawyers ...

02 Apr 2020


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Top Five Tips for Teaching Virtually

Erika Concetta Pagano, Guest Professor at IE Law School, is recognized by students and colleagues for her virtual teaching skills and making online ...

13 Mar 2020


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Education of the future: What should the drivers of legal training be?

Like other sectors, the legal profession has evolved in recent years and, as with the others, it has been particularly influenced by globalization ...

10 Mar 2020


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IE Law School, IBA and LSGL launch the Blueprint Project for the future global legal education

IE Law School has been designated as the coordinator of the research project by the International Bar Association (IBA) and the Law Schools Global League (LSGL) to develop a blueprint for global legal education to understand how globalization and technology impact legal education globally.

This global project, titled Developing a Blueprint for Global Legal Education, aims to contribute to legal education around the world by identifying the key drivers that are shaping legal education at a global level, the responses that are emerging, and the extent to which those responses are or can address sufficiently the challenges and opportunities confronting legal professions all over the world.

This joint initiative forms part of the ongoing research by the IBA’s Commission on the Future of Legal Services into the trends that are shaping the legal profession. More than 400 bar associations, law schools and other legal institutions are expected to participate in the three-phase project, which will culminate in the publication of a report to be showcased at the IBA’s Annual Conference in Miami, in November 2020.

Through the analysis of the relevant literature, law schools websites, online surveys and interviews with key stakeholders from around the world, what this project intends is to develop a blueprint that will help legal education institutions navigate the ongoing paradigm change.

05 Mar 2020


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Living with the Algorithm: students develop an innovative project to raise awareness of new technologies

A team from IE´s Legal Clinic students took part in the Algorithms Project, a guide which aspires to provide citizens a broad yet useful ...

04 Mar 2020


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IE Women: innovation, equality, and empowerment in 2020

In preparation for this event, Executive Director LLB Programs and Director Law School, Eugenia Castrillón, has supervised a working group of both ...

02 Mar 2020


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IE Law School, Jur and the Lab for New Justice join forces to launch a ‘Smart Contract Competition’

Bachelor students will explore and be able to work hands-on in the creation of smart legal contracts. The winner of the competition will be awarded ...

18 Feb 2020


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