IE hosts Legaltech Start-up Demo Fest to discuss global trends

On November 25th, IE´s Legaltech Innovation Farm welcomed legal professionals from across the globe for a conference on the landscape of legaltech startups around the world. The event, entitled Legal Tech Start-up Demo Fest, kicked off with talks from global industry experts, followed by a roundtable and startup demos from up-and-coming legaltech companies including Luminance, Legatics, and Avvoka.

On the panel, Beth Fellner from LegalGeek and Abigail Connor from Thomson Reuters were joined by Dr. Juan Carlos Luna from LATAM and Noemie Alintissar from the Singapore Academy of Law. Attendees, primarily comprised of lawyers, received sharp insights into the legaltech market, alongside predictions on how the role of technology will develop and ultimately transform the industry in the future.

Beth Fullner, Senior Conference Producer at LegalGeek, and Abigail Connor, Strategy Manager at Thomson Reuters, Legal Professionals Europe, opened the talks posing the question: with such a myriad of legaltech companies across Europe, how do we make sense of such a fragmented market?

In response, Beth introduced the Legal Geek startup map: a comprehensive structure which classifies distinct areas of legal work. The first map, created in 2017, provided a view of 70 legaltech startups across Europe, grouping the companies in terms of the task they focused on. The initiative has since grown in scope and detail and the most recent edition, released in 2019, investigated 253 startups and introduced a completely new taxonomy.

02 Dec 2019


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IE’s Master in Global Corporate Compliance: the only master outside of the US accredited by the CCB®

Upon completion, students will be eligible to access the Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional - International (CCEP-I)® exam, as this ...

29 Nov 2019


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JUIT: When entrepreneurial vision meets Legaltech expertise

What happens when an unstoppable entrepreneurial ambition is combined with expert Legaltech insights? We sat down with Deoclides Neto, Founder and ...

20 Nov 2019


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SlidingLife: An award-winning startup that brings people’s lives back into focus

SlidingLife is an award-winning platform that connects people with lawyers and psychiatrists to combat the struggles during a divorce. Learn more ...

20 Nov 2019


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Discussing best practices for internal compliance

On October 29, IE Law School welcomed the LatAm Alliance and other guests for the Ibero-American Conference on Compliance of Eversheds Sutherland. ...

07 Nov 2019


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Professor Antonio Aloisi on AI and the future of work

Artificial intelligence is changing just about every aspect of how we live our lives, and work certainly is not exempt from this. What are the ...

28 Oct 2019


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Global perspectives on tax planning challenges

Professor Giulio Allevato spoke of anti-abuse rules and tax planning challenges in three different conferences held at Colombia.

At the XII International Tax Meeting Conference, “Tax planning challenges in the face of specific anti-abuse rules”, held in Bogota at Universidad Externado, Professor Allevato joined various international speakers to address the topic from a comparative European, American and Colombian perspective, taking into account legal tax, corporate, and criminal viewpoints. In particular, Professor Allevato, whose research mainly focuses on the regulatory function of taxation, tax compliance legal framework,  tax issues related to the Digital Economy, and legal implications of tax risk management, observed how cooperative tax compliance programs, which have already been implemented by over twenty-five OECD countries, are leading to a radical change in the corporate tax compliance framework.

“Through such programs, the traditional ex-post confrontation relationship between tax authorities and corporate taxpayers is progressively turning into an ex-ante cooperation mechanism, where the two parties are eager to jointly work to achieve advance solutions to tax qualification and tax application issues.

25 Oct 2019


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The skills, tools and knowledge every future lawyer needs

Increased automation and digitalization have changed the way legal services are conducted, leaving many asking what the future looks like for ...

20 Oct 2019


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An entrepreneurs say on the London legaltech startup scene

Guillermo Miranda, Winner of the Global Legaltech Venture Day 2019, on the startup scene in London during the Legaltech Venture Day at King´s ...

18 Oct 2019


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New world, new skills: Why upskilling in law matters

Future lawyers must be able to adapt to the changing landscape of the legal profession. In this context, upskilling is paramount to ...

17 Oct 2019


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An inmersion into Israel’s legal tech, start-up scene during the Master in Legaltech

Bernardo Correia Barradas, consultant at the Payment Systems Development Group at the World Bank and student of the Master in Legaltech, shares his ...

14 Oct 2019


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IE Law School will be attending the Legal Geek Conference in London

At IE Law School we are excited and very much looking forward to being part of this vibrant and global legaltech startup community that is dedicated ...

10 Oct 2019


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Dean of IE Law School discusses the future of legal education at enlightED 2019

Javier de Cendra led a discussion panel on "Reinventing Legal Education in the Era of the Tech Revolution" at enlightED in Madrid. Leading experts ...

07 Oct 2019


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The T-shaped lawyer: The new skills every future lawyers needs to succeed

Future lawyers must be equipped with the tools necessary to meet the demands of new clientele, preparing them to stand out as they define new legal ...

04 Oct 2019


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A challenging and worthy passion

Ekatherine Cibrián, alumni of the Master in Global Corporate Compliance and currently working at Eversheds Sutherland, on her experience, her passion for compliance and compromise to contribute to improving society through practice and organizations.

The state that the world and my country, Mexico, is facing with regards to corruption and other crimes demerit the development and the development of the citizens of the world. I always had in mind that I wanted to do something to improve the world. Due to my profession and the political and social context in my country, I convinced myself that the improvement could come from the private initiative.

Therefore, I decided to study IE´s Master in Global Corporate Compliance. I chose IE Law School because it assured me a global perspective, which meant that I could gain a rich and diverse social and political context that could allow me to implement an ethical culture in organizations. It allowed me to view at same problems through different lenses,  scenarios and different paths to implement the best solutions.

02 Oct 2019


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Sao Paulo Legaltech Venture Day: the ecosystem, the actors & the startups

Guillermo Miranda, Winner of the Global Legaltech Venture Day 2019, on the Brazilian startup ecosystem and how disruptors are transforming the way ...

30 Sep 2019


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Bringing together Art and International Justice

Professor Marina Aksenova lands the cover of Legal Business World with her article on the need for exploring the interaction between art and ...

24 Sep 2019


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Lawyering on the Digital Age: A conference on tech in legal practice

Professor Francisco de Elizalde will be speaking of the implications of legaltech in legal practice in a conference held at Allen & Overy in ...

16 Sep 2019


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