The School

Welcome to IE LAW SCHOOL

IE Law School sets a global standard of vigorous, contemporary legal education and experience. Through our unique blend of comparative approach to law, the use of cutting-edge teaching methodologies and the impact of our research, we prepare our students to practice excellence in the field and play a significant role in society’s pursuit of Justice and the Rule of Law. We’re active in the study of all the fields related to social normativity and binding rules, including law, jurisprudence, compliance, deontology and ethics.

We believe the best way to generate and sustain meaningful social impact is through readying exceptional legal professionals for the future of the sector, educating them on the solid foundation of IE University’s principles, making them flourish as internationally-minded and impactful jurists while fostering the highest standards of professional conduct.



IE Law School is known for its international mindset and impact. We transcend borders, cultures, jurisdictions and legal traditions. We impact society, and private and public legal institutions, with our teaching and research.

Our mission is to prepare impactful, internationally-minded legal practitioners who bring about the values of law.

We provide our students with a solid legal knowledge so they can access the legal profession in various jurisdictions. We induce in them the love of intellectual rigor and prepare them with the necessary skills to succeed in their legal career, as a mean to flourish professionally while making a positive impact on society by their contribution to justice and the rule of law.

We are a global law school with an international community of students and faculty, and we are global, above all, because we educate internationally-minded citizens, jurists and lawyers. We do so because this provides the most sophisticated and comprehensive legal education that our graduates require to thrive in today’s evolving landscape and impact in all spheres of society.

We are a diverse law school in a unique way. Diversity of origin and educational systems of our students, diversity of research interests and professional experience within our faculty, we engage in research, teaching and collaboration with institutions of diverse legal systems. We are a multidisciplinary law school, as we believe that law cannot be practiced or taught in isolation from other disciplines: economics, philosophy, environmental sciences or technology.

At IE Law School, we generate top-level knowledge that we share with our community to provide our environment and institutional network with the necessary tools and outlook for a more just and sustainable society.

I am honored to lead a law school with a soul, a school that makes a relevant impact on its graduates, its alumni and wider society. Together, we will make a meaningful difference in the world through the transformative power of law.

Welcome to our vibrant community.


At IE Law School, we provide rigorous teaching designed to fit the needs of today’s moving legal world. Collaborating with top businesses, institutions and law firms worldwide, our students graduate with a solid legal knowledge, the know-how and hands-on experience to navigate the international legal field and create a global reach. Our comparative law methodology and our international mindset combine through outstanding teaching, research and practice aims to educate professionals who excel globally and represent the values of law.


Our school is committed to empowering tomorrow’s leaders through impactful research, cutting-edge teaching methodologies and collaborations with private and public institutions, law firms and companies. With our roots in business law, our students experience a well-rounded education, going on to contribute strongly to the ideals of Justice and the Rule of Law.


IE Law School leads the pursuit of justice and the rule of law through research and education, an international mindset and international influence, a world-class faculty and the impact we make on the sector and its practitioners at a global level. These are the qualities and objectives that define us as a school.


An international player in the legal sector

At IE Law School, our in-depth knowledge of various legal traditions including the Civil Law, Common Law and European Law systems and new bodies of law equip us with a comprehensive understanding of society that transcends countries and cultures. 

Our curriculums are based on expert analysis of the latest global phenomena and the expertise acquired from our long-term, ongoing relationships with international companies and organizations.

A comparative approach to legal education

IE Law School is a pioneer in legal education, developing new ways to teach upcoming professionals in the sector. Whether in the classroom or through research, we promote methodologies that enhance the study of comparative law.

We deepen understanding of the relationship between a society’s specific way of life and its legislation, as a mean of embracing intellectually diversity and sharpening your legal imagination and refining your capacity to deliver groundbreaking analogies and innovative solutions that deliver in our constantly evolving world.


A multidisciplinary stance

Our multidisciplinary approach blends Legal Sciences with other areas of knowledge to promote problem-solving attitudes and measurable competencies. 

Through intellectual rigor and hands-on experiences, we prepare you to identify a problem and explore potential solutions, seeking innovation while complying with rules. Our rigorous research projects and achievements are significant for institutions, legal services and companies alike, and fuel our robust teaching

A collaborative network

We foster the spirit of systematic cooperation and collaboration, both between our student and teaching body, as well as with leading professional, institutional and social players in the sector.

We believe that the path to a more sustainable world begins with fostering respect for rights and liabilities, fair agreements and compliance with established norms, and as part of that effort we have, use and provide the technological capabilities to contribute positively to the prevailing digital transformation of the body politic, judicial authority and legal services worldwide.


At IE Law School, our international mindset has placed us front and center in setting global standards for a demanding legal education program. Our demanding academic programs and research endeavors make a deep impact in societal transformation, while our distinct pedagogy continues to shape our unique vocation.


IE Law School’s 200-strong faculty comprises globally renowned experts; professors, researchers and practitioners with extensive experience within world-leading institutions and organizations, both public and private.


Our bachelor’s, master’s and advanced legal programs for professionals leverage a unique methodology and teaching style, rigorously embedding Comparative Law in an international legal mindset.


IE Law School is deeply embedded in the life of legal practice worldwide through its vast institutional and professional network and our alumni practice in diverse professions worldwide. We prepare impactful legal practitioners and professionals who exemplify the values of law.