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At IE Law School, we strive to provide the legal practitioners of tomorrow with a world-class contemporary legal education. We are a global and multidisciplinary law school that employs cutting-edge teaching methodologies and research to prepare our students for professional excellence and to play a significant role in society. Through hands-on and practice-based experiences, our internationally-minded students gain a uniquely global vision of law. In this way, we drive meaningful change across the globe, prepare impactful legal practitioners and propel the future of the sector forward.



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IE Law School is a global, diverse and multidisciplinary law school like no other, known for its international mindset, innovation and impact. We transcend legal cultures, jurisdictions and legal traditions. We impact society with our teaching and research, and we educate students with a global mindset to practice the legal professions. 

We are a global law school with an international community of students and faculty, and we are global, above all, because we teach internationally-minded citizens, jurists and lawyers. We do so because this provides the most sophisticated and comprehensive legal education that our graduates require to succeed in today’s evolving legal market. As a law school, we are diverse in a unique way; in the origin and educational systems of our students, in the diversity of research interests and professional experience within our faculty, and in our research, teaching and collaboration with institutions of diverse legal systems. 

We are multidisciplinary, as we believe that the law cannot be practiced or taught in isolation from other disciplines: economics, philosophy, environmental sciences or technology … our students are taught beyond legal disciplines, and we approach legal studies in the context of other disciplines. I am honored to lead a law school with a soul; a school that makes a relevant impact on its graduates, its alumni and its community. Together, we will make a meaningful difference in the world through the transformative power of law. Welcome to our vibrant community.

Soledad Atienza Law school vice dean

Soledad Atienza

Law School Dean


IE Law School is committed to shaping future generations of legal professionals with a global vision for the practice of law. We prepare our students for the challenges of an evolving legal landscape by providing rigorous academic and experiential learning that brings cutting-edge industry insights to our classrooms. We generate knowledge and expertise through robust research and strategic partnerships. We are dedicated to the advancement of the cause of justice and the rule of law through excellence in legal education and scholarship in a global context that crosses borders and jurisdictions.

We stand firmly behind the commitment to educate lawyers, jurists and citizens with a global vision in the practice of law.

Our mission | IE Law School


Our approach to law reflects our innovation and shapes the changes in the legal sphere and the wider world. Digital transformation and emerging technologies such as AI are disrupting every sector, so everything we do—from our programs and research initiatives to our partnerships, networking opportunities and events—is constantly evolving in line with changing legal institutions and systems.

We strive to play our part in the creation of a fairer, more equitable society where the rule of law prevails. We foster not just a comprehensive and global understanding of the current legal and societal landscape, but the foresight to anticipate changing regulatory and global circumstances and be ready for them.

We believe that sustainability and adaptability are equally essential for success in a modern legal career. Our aim is to provide a legal education grounded in solid legal fundamentals that is resilient enough to both foresee and withstand new challenges, and stand the test of time.

Our Vision | IE Law School


Focused on your future, enriched by our diversity and driven to work toward a brighter future. We’re a legal institution a step ahead of the rest, recognized as such because of our international mindset and global impact. Use the strengths we’re renowned for to achieve, and surpass, your own ambitions:


Our more than 200-strong faculty comprises globally renowned experts, researchers and practitioners, all with extensive experience within world-leading institutions and organizations, both public and private. And they’re complemented regularly by world-class visiting professors and guest speakers.


At IE Law School, we leverage a uniquely hands-on, multidisciplinary teaching approach and Comparative Law methodology, focusing on law in the real world and honing an international legal mindset. We expand the study of law beyond the courtroom to place it firmly in its social, economic and political context. The result is an experiential learning journey that provides a truly holistic and global vision of law as it’s practiced now and as it’s going to evolve.


IE Law School is deeply embedded in the life of legal practice worldwide, through its vast institutional and professional network and longstanding partnerships with world-leading collaborators in the public, private and multilateral sectors. So our alumni can be found succeeding in diverse professions worldwide. We prepare impactful legal practitioners and professionals who exemplify the values of law.