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A constantly changing environment

The legal sector is undergoing a period of remarkable transformation. Lawyers, as well as legal and tax advisors, are working in an environment that is strongly characterized by the emergence of new specializations, the introduction of technological advances, start-up entrepreneurship initiatives, collaborative economics, compliance requirements and accelerated globalization. These are just some of the many factors that define the profession within today’s legal sector.

An innovative lawyer

Decision-making in such a challenging context requires a deep understanding of the new models of business and ways of organizing teamwork. Therefore, those lawyers and advisers with more traditional professional profiles should adapt to this new era of transformation in order to offer customers highly specialized advice. Ultimately, this profession is essentially required to constantly update their knowledge, and engage with profound changes throughout the sector.

A transforming school

Our main objective at Executive Education is to train professionals to anticipate these new challenges and to take on an active role within this process of transformation. Our programs seek to provide answers to participants’ questions, while also providing them with the training they need to practice law with a forward-thinking, globally focused perspective. Through a multidisciplinary and practical methodology, we offer a different approach in order to encourage participants to drive lasting change within their sector or organization.

Executive Education Programs


Executive Education programs are designed for professionals eager to expand their vision of the legal world, complementing their existing knowledge with new business and management skills. Participants will acquire the expertise needed to respond to the many challenges facing the legal industry today. The training that these programs offer encourages participants to develop personally, intellectually and professionally, all within a global environment. For this reason, those who take part in Executive Education programs acquire a more holistic perspective of the profession, as well as a deeply international outlook.
Programs in Management

Programs in Management

A Good Management is a key factor in the performance of law firms and legal departments of companies. Present day lawyers should not only have a technical command of the subject, but also develop soft skills. At IE Law School we offer the necessary tools to strengthen soft skills, so that they are up to date with the latest management trends.

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Tech Innovation

Programs in Tech & Innovation

Technological Innovation plays a strategic role in all sectors of the economy, including the legal sector, propelling the updating and education of professionals. Our programs will help you developing the tools and knowledge required by the market.

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Programs in Corporate Law

The multidisciplinary study of the legal and fiscal aspects is a basic pilar of legal knowledge. Our Corporate Law Area Programs, in their different formats, provide the student the technical knowledge and the tools to keep updated.

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Programs in Tax/Financial Law

Being an expert in tax makes a difference because of its importance in all sectors. Our tax/financial programs will help you develop the tools and knowledge demanded by the market and become the professional your clients are looking for.

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IE Law School Compliance

Programs in Compliance

Corporate compliance not only takes on the responsibility of ensuring that companies meet the regulations imposed upon them by various governing bodies. A career in Compliance offers many ways to make an impact on corporations and society.

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Optimize your knowledge

Gain, update and refresh your legal knowledge by deepening in a specific area of specialization, broadening your vision through our interdisciplinary programs or even learning the latest trends in management and innovation.

A unique learning experience

At IE Law School we foster debate and collaboration, crucial aspects in our learning model. The active and participative learning environment and the diversity of backgrounds provides participants a unique vision of the world and a space for experience and knowledge sharing, where students can debate solutions to real problems encountered in their day-to-day work.

Gain knowledge from top-tier professors and professionals

Access to our top-tier faculty and legal experts that are at the forefront of the legal world in a variety of fields, from business law and cybersecurity to management and tax law. Their vision and experience respond to the legal needs of an increasingly global and complex environment.

Adapted to the working lawyer

From six-month programs and weekly learning experiences to short and online courses, we offer executive programs in flexible formats so that executives, professionals and directors are able to combine the best tax and legal training with their professional activity.

Build a strong professional network

Participants of each program are carefully selected in order to assure a first-class learning experience. In our programs, you will share class with professionals with diverse professional experiences and have the opportunity to foster new relationships and build a unique network that can help you advance in your professional career and development.

Taking Executive Education to new heights

IE Law School has been offering legal executives an impactful learning experience necessary to embrace and step-up to the challenges and opportunities facing the legal sector. We build up on the strengths that have always been part of our community, a top-tier faculty and flexible, cutting-edge educational practices, to take executive education in the legal sector to new heights.

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This program, designed to teach best business & legal practices to lawyers and entrepreneurs, offers participants a unique opportunity to overcome future challenges as a team while gaining an overall vision of the Silicon Valley ecosystem whilst building their network with valuable industry leaders.


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