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Based on the academic excellence and innovation of IE Law School, our Executive Education programs offer a unique training for professionals in the legal and tax sector.

The legal profession has always been a competitive one, but today—with rapid changes in the way we practice law—it seems to be even more so. In the last decade, globalization and the disruption of technology have produced significant changes in the sector and the delivery of legal services.

All these events shape a new scenario and pose new challenges for today’s legal professionals.

At Executive Education, we offer programs designed to help professionals not just to adapt and anticipate to these challenges and trends but also to be able and willing to drive change in the legal sector.

Executive Education Programs


The Executive Education programs are designed for professionals wanting to expand their vision of the legal world and develop their business and management skills, needed to respond to the new challenges facing the legal sector. The training model promotes personal, intellectual and professional development and does so in a global framework to expand and deepen international perspectives among participants. Our specialized programs provide a unique practical and academic experience in different areas of the law.

Programs in Management

Management knowledge and skills are an integral part of the legal landscape. Having knowledge in Legal Project Management and leading teams to reach objectives are skills that every legal expert should master in its daily work. Our Management programs will give you the necessary tools to increase your efficiency, increase your leadership skills, and obtain strategic knowledge. As a result, you will obtain better results in your position.

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Programs in Legal Tech & Innovation

The digital transformation and the implementation of new technologies plays a strategic role in the practice of Law, forcing firms to pursue alternative technology innovation strategies and require those working in the legal sector to keep up-to-date with this new scenario. Our programs offer 21-century lawyers skills and knowledge in cybersecurity, data protection, data analysis, Intellectual Property, and the startup industry, just to name a few.

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Industry Programs

We offer industry programs in sectors that are reshaping the legal industry such as Farma, Retail, and Real Estate. These industries require professionals with specialized knowledge, specific technical skills, a fresh perspective and a powerful network to compete in a globalized world.

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Specialized Programs

Our specialized programs in different areas of the Law, such as Finance and Tax, Labour Law, Compliance, and Trade Law, offer participants’ high-quality legal training, allowing them to develop and improve their business and management skills to add value to their organizations. Our programs are delivered by top-tier faculty and leading industry experts, enriching the academic experience and offering participants a unique networking opportunity.

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Optimize your knowledge

Gain, update and refresh your legal knowledge by deepening in a specific area of specialization, broadening your vision through our interdisciplinary programs or even learning the latest trends in management and innovation.

A unique learning experience

At IE Law School we foster debate and collaboration, crucial aspects in our learning model. The active and participative learning environment and the diversity of backgrounds provides participants a unique vision of the world and a space for experience and knowledge sharing, where students can debate solutions to real problems encountered in their day-to-day work.

Gain knowledge from top-tier professors and professionals

Access to our top-tier faculty and legal experts that are at the forefront of the legal world in a variety of fields, from business law and cybersecurity to management and tax law. Their vision and experience respond to the legal needs of an increasingly global and complex environment.

Adapted to the working lawyer

From six-month programs and weekly learning experiences to short and online courses, we offer executive programs in flexible formats so that executives, professionals and directors are able to combine the best tax and legal training with their professional activity.

Build a strong professional network

Participants of each program are carefully selected in order to assure a first-class learning experience. In our programs, you will share class with professionals with diverse professional experiences and have the opportunity to foster new relationships and build a unique network that can help you advance in your professional career and development.

Taking Executive Education to new heights

IE Law School has been offering legal executives an impactful learning experience necessary to embrace and step-up to the challenges and opportunities facing the legal sector. We build up on the strengths that have always been part of our community, a top-tier faculty and flexible, cutting-edge educational practices, to take executive education in the legal sector to new heights.


This program, designed to teach best business & legal practices to lawyers and entrepreneurs, offers participants a unique opportunity to overcome future challenges as a team while gaining an overall vision of the Silicon Valley ecosystem whilst building their network with valuable industry leaders.

Take your career to the next level

In our Executive Education programs, you will recharge and re-emerge in your career. Take the opportunity to take your professional and personal strengths to the next level and enrich your network.

Meet IE Law School Faculty

Access to our top-tier faculty, from scholars and law firm partners to legal experts in a variety of fields. They are at the forefront of the legal world.

Get to know our faculty

Build out your professional network

Make connections between law, business, and policy through a network of national and international guest speakers and lecturers. Exchange insights and experiences in and outside the classroom with top-tier peers.

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