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Faculty and Research


Our faculty members, from many different countries and as diverse and internationally minded as our student body, have been educated in globally recognized universities and demonstrate the best expertise in their respective fields.


IE Law School’s dedication to research, teaching and knowledge exchange is shared by both our research faculty and the practitioners who act as the transmission belt between current practice and the classroom.

Our professors share and are responsible for driving the positive, enduring and deep intellectual impact IE Law School seeks to have on society. They conduct significant research across the Legal Sciences and related disciplines; constantly sharpen the teaching methodologies that characterize our specific pedagogical style for a demanding legal education; and unremittingly bring the best practices and discoveries to the classroom, while contributing to the dissemination of knowledge across the whole arch of institutions, from private to public.


Our research aims to have a lasting impact on the development of all the disciplines related to Law and the legal practice itself. IE Law School’s faculty conducts rigorous research that is also significant for institutions, legal services and companies, and which feeds our robust curriculum.

Our internationally recognized researchers make our students face the latest perspectives in the study of Law and bring their insights from the legal industry. Of particular note is the constant innovative and distinctive approach they show in the intellectual production of relevant research through individual investigation, and the participation in ambitious research and collegiate projects, that frequently receive backing, recognition and funding from many public and international institutions.